This article Save Stonehenge from midsummer madness is just really maddening to read. He is ignorant and intolerant, insupportable... Agh, I'm out of "in" words and I used a french word!

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Well, sometimes you have to remember that some writers, write in a very opinionated and controversial way only to boast their exposure because that's what people respond the most too.



Well, I do not fully disagree with him. What does he said ? "The ancient stones should not be reduced to a stage for feeble pseudo-religious, pseudo-communal fantasies. There is something abusive and ugly about this annual festival of historical amnesia, a contemptuous lack of interest in the real people of past and their sublime creations."

I agree that many of these people are there for folklore and fun, not for faith. And I agree that Stonehenge is far older then Druids ( I respect them ).

I've seen a lot of picture of Stonehenge after the "celebration". It's a real mess ! A lot of wastes that are clearly not left there by friendly people.

In fact, I read an atricle wrote by somebody who seems very respectfull of these Sacred Stones.

Blessed Be )O(


I was there at Stone henge this year, and I was amazed that there were only 20 arrests made. The majority of people there were blind drunk or high on class a's or both. The mess was unbelievable, beer cans and rubbish everywhere, and people were dancing all over the stones. Apart from looking down right disrespectful behaving in this way, the trust who looks after the site had requested that you took your rubbish away with you and you kept off the stones.

O.k the stones are stone and to be fair, have been there a while, so I guess dancing on them isn't going to do much harm, and im not against people having a good time even if you feel the need to get right off your face, whatever rings your bell, it just felt like loads of people gatecrashed a peacefull gathering and turned it into a rave.

But the site is open to all on solstice, and there were also lots of people being respectful.

In all im glad the kids and I went, I can't see them continuing to open Stone henge in that way for many more years. Its just a shame  pagans as a whole are tainted by the behaviour of people whome I dought had any other reason to be there other than to get completely smashed.

Flammeous, I get that, controversy sells. It doesn't make it right.


Beorc, thank you :)




I agree that being disrespectful of the environment is very wrong.. and as most of us will agree, not pagan at all! In my experience pagans don't leave garbage everywhere and do make sure NOT to disturb sacred spaces.


My anger about this article is that he blames pagans for these activities... I don't know maybe it was some pagans, but since it is a public affaire, I think he is unfair to put all the blame on a specific group AND he is so misinformed on pagans and INsulting when he calls it pseudo-religion!


Kerry, I'm jealous! I will try to convince my husband to go see the stones some day. I'm so close now, but so far away! Life has a way of grabbing you and keeping you occupied with the mundane, bleh.

The writer just doesn't get it. That's his problem. The comments are wonderful, though :)
Meh, typical. It's a stereotypical view of Paganism from those who attend Stonehenge each year mixed with ignorance. Of course, many who go to ceremonies such as this are either new (nothing wrong with that), misinformed or not in any sort of Order that would hold members-only gatherings. It's pretty low to go for drugs and drink. It's an historical site, of arguable degrees of relevance, but it's surely still something that's to be preserved and cared for.
So it's okay for the Romans to adopt on to the worship of God after Christ rose from the grave but it's not okay for pagans to adopt on to visiting Stonehenge once or twice a year. it's disgraceful. He - the writer - is just looking for a reason to give us a hard time. If it was the other way around we wouldn't here the end of it. Annie is right, it's just another stereotypical view of pagans. They blame the disrespect of the site on us because they don't understand us. For all they know it's just some people trying to make us look bad and they are buying it.
I can certainly understand his point about protecting the site.  Some of the pictures in that slideshow made my heart hurt (people were sleeping on the stones! and *climbing* them!!).  Whenever you have large gatherings like that, there are going to be people who don't understand the meaning of respect.  It comes with the territory.  So I can completely understand his "no festivals at ancient sites" argument and, quite frankly, would support the argument if he'd left it at that.  (Or perhaps modify it to roping off the stones themselves and having the festivities in the surrounding area only.  That is, after all, what they do for the majority of the sightseeing tours, if I'm not mistaken.)  However, to extend that argument and turn it into "Pagans are idiots anyway so they should go away" is ludicrous.  I agree that our claim to the site is a bit iffy, since nobody really knows what it was for or who built it, but that fact doesn't have any bearing whatsoever on the validity of our religion as a whole.  The man's just trolling for ratings.  Which seems to be something he does often, judging by some of the comments that were left on that article (many of which I was impressed by, actually - quite above the caliber of normal internet comments).

Yer, protect the site - absolutely. i agree with him on that note. But to say that it's all our fault is a joke -seriously. No need for it. if it was Vatican City there would be global uproar - but they wouldn't blame the catholics, would they?

Well i found little truth in the article thefore it has been put into my recycle bin. I see where you wouldnt be happy but the more clicks that peice gets the higher on google it shows up on related searchs and only discredits us more. Even if i really DO NOT think a pagan (atleast none that i have or want to meet) would ever do such a thing to a sacred place, yea lol i dont buy it.

brightest blessings



"the more clicks that peice gets the higher on google it shows up on related searchs and only discredits us more"


I agree with you that note.    I think people just need to realise that we're all the same, but at the same time all different. It's just one persons opinion at the end of the day really.

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