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Shamanic Winds' Musings ~ "In the Spirit of 'Belonging'
Friday, 11 February 2011

Formerly Written/Composed at my Blogger


"As a child, I loved being and spending time alone with my 'Self' -- for that was my personal way of making connections with Spirit, whether through being out in Nature, talking to the Animals, performing tasks for others when they weren't around without being told. I remember (and still do this) pretending that I was taking on specific roles, like that of a teacher, nurse, artist, etc., and talked to myself as I did this -- and it was quite amazing how I answered myself, sometimes I solved my own problems just by listening to my intuitive thoughts and feelings. I found out and learned a lot about myself by doing this.


"When I started to interact with others, I learned of their actions and reactions by how well or not well we played together, by hanging out with other children and seeing how their parents communicated and acted around them and myself. I felt lost when someone didn't agree with either what I had to say sometimes, or what I wanted to 'play' with. Being an only child growing up in my family with my mom and dad, I learned respect and love and the difference between (healthy) good and bad. I always wanted to be in 'harmony' and be 'equal' to those around me that I cherished, and of course, I learned through experience when it finally hit me that we are our own unique individuals who handle common things that others do and say differently.


"I found compromising very hard with others at times because of my stubborness of wanting things my own way -- and ended up silencing myself to them and just going along with what they wanted, but silently thought to myself, "Why am I going along with this if it is not what I want to do?"


"We have an impact on the ones we are around and hang out with, and are often influenced by their actions and decisions the more we are with them. I got to the point at times when if they said to jump, I would! I ended up finding myself again, and went back to doing things in my 'alone time'.


"I was never lonely when I hung out with myself. I stood back from the crowds and just would listen if I were around others, and really took in what they had to say -- and developed a learning pattern for myself that I would not make the same mistakes they had made if I thought they were in the 'wrong' with something, or neither would I follow in their footsteps if they seemed to be destructive or uncaring for others' personal and private property.




"As an adult, I realize more now that it is good to be around others, as well as balancing out being with one's self. We want to seek out others and being with them that have similar interests as our self, for the ones we turn to and trust most are often the aspects in them that we also see in ourself as being. If we are in an environment around others that only reap in the joy of being hurtful, the more we are around them, the more we tend to be like them.


"Whenever in doubt, I release my fears and ask Spirit for guidance. I follow my intuitions as best I can, and know that I belong in the world -- for each of us have a special gift in sharing and acting in accord with others to help bring harmony, peace, love, joy, and laughter to one another."

WELCOME to the Intro about Me!  I am an Eclectic Solitary Practicing Native Celtic Shamanic Witch that loves many Spiritual Earth-Based Practices of Paganism.  I love to read, write, teach and guide, learn, and experience my Path's Journeys through a 'Commitment' of LIVING IT.  I am currently learning self-taught through the Wise Woman Ways and a beginning Herbal Practitioner.  I love being outside on the Land I live on and going back in the Woods that surround our area for finding new plants and herbs for self-healing.  I live life experiencing the Spirit of the Indigenous Winds that come to Carry Me Home to My 'Self'.  Peace.


)O( Shamanic Winds

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