I as some of you know I have been in a wee sticky wicket the last year Witchy Wife an I no longer share the same Calderon, I darn near died (two of my dogs save my life have to give them props)last November. There was A while the if my life had been a boat I'd scuttled(me) it and sold the brass for scrap Hell almost lost my Mule tree climbing School franchise oh my parish the thought possum but do not fear oh my my pretties this o'l fellers not giving up yet not side guy like me we don't  die nope.... we ugly away.

Now where was I oh ya know where yet.but don frett(yes in southeniees there two t's in frett y'all) I'll get us some where you just watch. 

All kidding I like to that the folks that have work very hard tow get this grand site back on track it is need oasis of good advise a place to lean good soiled information. You will not find much better. 

 To the many of you grand folk that have no clue who in the name of Mother Mary's pet Pig who I am. In some parts of the Internet and real world I am known as Clearwand . I have been a Pagan and Witch Folk for a number(phones did not have buttons) of decades I come from the time of "books"long before the land of ones and zeros came to be.  the only way to do an learning at some ones elbow an that meant was , You had to search them out. 

now with the help of good fine folk from a number of path this site is here I join this a a short time after it was born  an in has had it up and downs but it has never stop being a bright light in the darkness.

 So as a old school pagan folk that by the way not even the warm and fuzzy type an bites the head off of Playgains .

it does my semi o'l heart good to see folks coming to drink from the well knowledge.

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((((((((HUGE HUGS)))))))))) My Old Friend!!!!

Wonderful to see you back again... it has been a long time.... Hope to get a chance to chat again soon ...

Blessed Be My Friend... Much Love and Light MJ )O(

Thank you Ladies very much .it nice to bee seen.

Ah ha! There's you be! Been running pon my mind there for some time now, yes I. A sight for sore eyes for true. Glad you're still around. Don't you forget to come out and play with all of us now, ya hear?

Stay Strong and Be Blessed!

- Flammeous

Ah Hoy hoy Sistern  dem I goodly fine How be home ground King and and company.,.all right proper sorted out hopes I

Does my o'll peepers good to gaze on your words my dear Sistren .  Live is make fine time in my home ground sides do no good to com-plane Gods do as Gods do that a fact.. Now I think I go from pan to fire need to find me a new sweet smile to share the joys of this big Blue Mable wit... dem o'l bones of mine anit going to be pineing away ..                               

Ahhh you surfaced!!!! I have been wondering how you were kicking around and had you found your footing again .To answer the question in your note ,my garden grows well (I except nothing less) but its much smaller this year than ever before. I find that Im really the only one that cares so this one is just for me.

Glad to see you back around in these parts. Sorry about you and the wify. Glad your dog's helped you through animalsare wonderful like that!

Greetings, Sir! I haven't been on here in Years! its good to see it still going, and starting to pick up some steam!

Merry Meet.  Hope I can learn from you.  Blessings in Live, Love and Light.

 Mrs Witch cheer and may wish of joy and happiness. to your new arrivel May your home always only know the sounds of joy and happiness my love light your night.

  My dear if it a skill I am well versed in I will gladly share it. all you have to do is ask.
Christa Burrows said:

Merry Meet.  Hope I can learn from you.  Blessings in Live, Love and Light.

 I it Him'self I see well sir  I hope life has been kind to you and your.

C Meister said:

Greetings, Sir! I haven't been on here in Years! its good to see it still going, and starting to pick up some steam!

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