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G'day my spelling is not the best but i do need advice. there is a shoping centre not far from where i live it has over 80 shops in it but out of all these shops there is one that stands out its called lizzies itis a veriety store that has a range of items in it. but there are things that dont belong in the shop that bothers me.

i have been in there several time to buy one thing or another each time i can sense and feel the presense of spirits and other things i cant explaine most off the times they keep to their self there are one or two that have been helpfull when i could not find what i was looking for i would hear some one call out come here i allway follow the voice only to find what i wanted but no one else would be around. but two weeks ago i went in only to walk strait back out again as no sooner i got in the door i was instanly surounded by a huge crouwd of spirits  and something that didnot want me there that day.

i have seen people walk in the shop only to walk out with the look of fear in their eyes. i want to help but not sure how or wether or not to aproch the owners and talk to them.

if i do talk to them will i be frightening them or not

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Overall, I wouldn't worry about it. If a store makes you uncomfortable, just don't shop there. 


On a side note, locally there was a witchcraft shop that I heard get a bad rap because people felt uncomfortable in there or that they were always being watched, or that they felt pushed to leave the store. When I visited to pick up a few things, I didn't feel this way at all, and had a nice chat about it with the owner. He got a good laugh about it. Apparently he had put some pretty selective energetic guardianship on his business to keep away customers that would either be more trouble than they are worth (the needy whiny pagan crowd), shoplifters, cheapskates, or con artists. The people who were complaining about feeling unwelcome there were well known in the community for falling in one or more of the aforementioned categories--so his protections around the store work doing exactly what he intended.


I've also known Christian shopkeepers to do similar things with prayer. 


So if you feel uncomfortable in the shop, it might be that you're not the kind of customer they want, for whatever reason, so they've taken steps to make it energetically uncomfortable for you. If that's the case, see my original advice--just don't shop there. :)

its not a spell of procetion it feels like a cry for help from some of the spirit as i have seen people walk past as if they were shoping and my freind could not see them but felt like some one was near her but other spirits seems to be afraid as there is some thing in the shop that wount let them go. i try to advoid the shop but there have been times i felt atracted to the store on these days it is alot calmer feeling inside the shop but i still see spirits walking about


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