Just thought I'd say "hi" since I'm new here. I've had an odd relationship with Paganism. It started in earnest when I was 11 or 12 (though I suspect it started to some degree long before that). It was an on-again off-again relationship for years, as I searched & tried to figure out which religion was right for me. Some years ago, I came to the realization that I am an Eclectic Pagan. So, I switched my focus to cutting my own path.

I am intuition-led. My intuition almost never steers me wrong (and the few times it has have been learning experiences, so not really wrong), so I follow where it tells me to go in my path. It has been working for me so far.

I also am a training herbalist, a kitchen/hedge witch, wife, & mom. Some of my hobbies/interests include working with wood, photography, & painting. 

I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here & look forward to meeting you all!

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Hello Aislinn, good to make your acquaintance.

Welcome indeed.  We're glad to have you join us.

Hello, it's nice to have you here! A blessed merry meet to you.

Love and blessings~

Thank you all for the welcome!

It would seem as though you've taken some pages from my book. :)

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