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I have a question for those that are knowledgeable about candles. I'm not into divination using candles, but I did find this certain occurrence interesting. 

I use candles at my altar (I venerate Lord Cernunnos). I have no idea why, but this candle burns very brightly, very solidly, with a long and supple flame. I have other candles of this make and brand, and none have shown so brightly.

The object of my interest lies in a strange heart formation that I did not notice until about ten minutes ago. I have lit this candle before and have not seen such a knot formation below.

Here are the pictures: The first two are photos of the flame, and the last two are photos of the formation.


Can anyone make head or tail of this? Thanks in advance for your time, patience, and kindness. Blessed be.

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Edit: it now looks more like a mushroom formation, and at the end of the flame it is beginning to smoke.

I don't find anything odd about the "formation" It looks like the top of the wick and looks similar to what mine usually look like.  However, you are the only one who can know if what you are seeing is out of the ordinary.

I can say that during ritual, I pay close attention to my Lord and Lady candles.  Sudden flares at at a significant point in ritual or when do divination always indicate to me an acknowledgement.   The most significant instance was when I cried to the Goddess for help and she told me to look at her.  Suddenly the flame on her candle went nuts and the wax poured down the candle to form a figure.  

Amara what do you see in the wax there? Just curious. I do see a figure in long flowing robe possibly praying or placing something onto the holder like an offering.

I think it looks like a female with long hair, flowing robe or dress kissing the candle.  Her arm straight down by her side.  It was fascinating to watch it form.  It certainly got me out of my weepy feelings.  lol

Such a wonderful experience!

I agree with Amara. There's nothing odd about the formation of the flame. I have 4 candles that I light and the flames are always bright and moving and jumping up and down all day long. Mines too have a mushroom formation on them. I always wonder myself with the bright flames and the fast movements of the candle flames is this a sign of some sort. I think it is. Thanks for posting your pictures.

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