Greetings Everyone!


Well, it certainly took me forever to make it over here. I'm happy to see many familiar faces from ...that other site. :D


About me: a relatively happy, monogamously married mother of four gorgeous little vegetarians. Husband and I are raising our kids in our faith (yay! much fun. :D) and we will be homeschooling our eldest next year (also fun, but also a bit nerve wracking, there's so much research to do!)


I'm a Taurs Sun, Pisces Moon, and Sag/Scorp Rising. I love red wine. a good cheese (hey, I'm from Wisconsin: it's to be expected...) and my current fav food is Dandelion! The children and I have been picking lunches lately and it's great! :D


Enough of my rambling...




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Welcome to Real Pagan. Enjoy and have fun. There are bunch of nice people and great groups and when you see me in chat don't afraid to say,"hey." Welcome again and many blessings


Welcome to RP, Althaea! I think you joined waaay before me, but it is still a good idea for me to introduce myself and say hi. :) I am hoping you have been enjoying the place so far, and wish you many blessings in raising your children in your faith. That is definitely a hard thing to do, imo. lol.


Blessed Be,


A Way Big Wave Hello back at Y'ALL Welcome to The real Pagan Network.

Welcome Althaea to Real Pagans, hope you find it as interesting as I do


Thank you, Everyone! :D  Forgive me if I lurk for a bit, there's so many brilliant people here and their sharings are wonderful!  That's what drew me to this site in the first place, the quality of content is incomparable. :)




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