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Merry Meet everyone. Thank you for allowing me to join the commuity. I am looking forward to my time here with others meeting and sharing thoughts, ideas, and learning. I am relativly new to paganism but have been studing on and off for a while. Thankyou again.

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Welcome to Real Pagans Chris, I hope you enjoy the site and find it instructive...blessings
Thank you for the welcome Seren Haf.

Seren Haf said:
Welcome to Real Pagans Chris, I hope you enjoy the site and find it instructive...blessings

Blessings and Welcome Chris,

May your journey be a gift you give to yourself.

   Listen to those who are willing to share what they know.

        Share what you are willing and attempting to learn.

              Discuss those things that make you question what you use to take for granted.           

                    Grow with all that you learn and are take within your heart.

                                                             Blessed Be on your journey.... MJ )O(

Bright Greetings Chris. Welcome to Real Pagans Network. I think you will this a grand site.

Hi Hun, thanks for finding such a wonderful place for us to fit in!  I've already been welcomed very warmly and have gathered some very helpful groups and found great people!  Way to go Babe!  Looking forward to our celebration tonight with the kids for the Mabon festival!  Apple crisp is done and ready to go!
Howdy hey! Welcome to the site...hope you'll find it useful to your growth. :)

Thank you for the warm welcomes MJ, Daniel O'Neill, and Leisha Cha Cha.


Holly glad you seem to like it here.Sounds great for tonight.

Apple crisp (drools)

Anywho,welcome to RealPagan Chris.

Welcome, Chris! If you ever need anything feel free to ask me or any of the other mods!

Thank you Ron and Makoons for the welcome. This has been quite a weath of information here sofar.


Mmmmm Apple crisp had some for desert lastnight lol.

Welcome! You'll find this place get a little addicting after a while ;)



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