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Hi, My name is Megan Herrod. I am new to this site, however I am spying a few faces that makes me suspect a few of you already have "met" me at a few other sites. This site is a refreshing relief and I hope it is as engaging and down to earth as I hope!


I am a mother of one 2 year old- with another on the way. I am also happily married to an awesome man. To avoid being redundant you can check out some more on my profile!


I am from Wyoming- so if anyone is in the area, I'd love a shout. Out here it is a lonely place for pagans. (With more cattle than people we are truly few and far between). Even so I am a perpetual optimist and I feel really blessed to live in a place with clean air, towering mountains and two seasons (winter and springsummerfall).


I can't wait to get in there and start spouting my opinions (respectfully of course). I am so happy to be here and get to know you all!


Blessed Be and Good Luck!


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Welcome Megan! Your daughter is gorgeous!
O and congrats on your baby to be :) I have two baby girls, 3 and 17 months
thank you! I am excited to be here! I am exited! What a quick reply!
Welcome Megan, hope to catch you in chat.
sounds like a plan! thanks!
Welcome and Blessings!
Welcome Megan! :) Not many from Wyoming on here! I thought I was the only one in this big ole state haha! Glad to see you here!
Welcome Megan, brightest blessings
thanks! brightest blessings to you too!


It's good to see you here!




woohoo! there you are! I am excited to see you too! It has been too long since we chatted!

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