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I am new to my path, I like to call it Eclectic Pagan, and I am always learning and looking for new things to learn. :)

At the moment I am trying to work with Tarot and see it as probably my top 5 things I fall back on. I am also working on charming pendants at the moment, and mirrors. I am celebrating the Sabbats as they come, learning about then while it is the time of year, as I work full time at the moment and am also in the middle of partime study, but I do what I can. When school finishes this year, I plan to focus my spare time of learning more in my path.

Nice to meet everyone. Feel free to talk if you are from Melbourne too. I don't know much of the pagan community here, so it be cool to meet people.

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Welcome to RP! I hope that you find a home here. Take advantage of all the knowledge everyone brings. Check out all the groups members have to offer to you.

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