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Hi there, my name is Sarah and I'm new here(I might change my name if I need to avoid confusion). 

I just recently started studying paganism, I'm starting with learning about Wicca because it's seems the most accessible to me right now. I was first interested in witchcraft when I was 12, but life issues got in the way and it never went anywhere.  I come from a Christian background, I started to really identify as one when I was 17(my path was close to Quakerism). I still have a lot of respect and love for Jesus' teachings, and how it has inspired people(like Tolstoy and the Catholic Worker). But, I'd keep on finding myself at a place where I know that Christianity is not my path, and I'm finally ready to sincerely explore what is. 

So, a little more about me.. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, I play piano, I love animals(I'm owned by a dog and a guinea pig), I'm a vegan, I'm working towards studying culinary arts, and I'm not sure what else... 

I look forward to meeting people, and learning!

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I'm a little late on saying this but merry meet, Sarah and welcome! I'm also from southern Ontario myself, particularly Toronto!
Thanks! I'm from the Waterloo region myself. 

Midnight Hawk said:
I'm a little late on saying this but merry meet, Sarah and welcome! I'm also from southern Ontario myself, particularly Toronto!
Welcome.Jump right in the water is warm and not at all slimey ,like other places.

Merry Meet Lavendar! You are sure to find helpful information or advice to get your wiccan studies going in the right direction from the great people on this site.


Nice to meet you. I look for forward to seeing you around the site. You may find a few of our groups interesting such as Nutritional Healing, The Recipe Exchange, and Yummy Healthy Eats though I do warn you that some us us (meaning ME lol) are  fundementalist, dare I say fanatical meat eaters and I tend to publish many fleshy recipes. I'd love to get a few vegetarian dishes under my belt if you feel like sharing.

Blessings and Merry Meet,

I am sure that your journey here, will be filled with knowledge and friendship....

Blessed Be  MJ )O(

Thank you all for continuing your warm welcomes :). I've been here for a little over a month now, and even though I don't post a lot, I do come on regularly and read others posts and blogs(and the lunar calendar is really useful too!) and I've joined a few groups. I'm enjoying my stay. So far, I've read Wicca For Begginers by Thea Sabin, Drawing Down the Moon, and right now I'm reading Spiral Dance by Starhawk, and I just bought Deborah Lipp's Elements of Ritual(a little advanced for me right now, but I think it will be very useful soon). This might sound corny, but I've honestly never felt so right about anything as I do with the direction my spiritual path is going. :)

Blessed Be, 


Hail, Sarah! Life is for exploring, so explore! I started out as Wiccan when I first found Paganism(I was sort of raised in it and it was what I knew) and eventually moved on to Heathenism and Reconstructionism. I'm also from Southern Ontario, but you already know that. This seems like a good place to get your questions answered. Welcome again!

Another good beginners book is Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton...

hi sarah its nice to meet you i am also new here aswell i am hoping to learn from others so i can improve my skills


Wow.. like 9 months later and people are still giving me warm welcomes! 

I need to write a journal entry on my journey.. I started around Imbolc, I was falling apart as a person, and here I am around Samhain, enjoying the harvest and everything in my life has come together(for the first time in my 21 years on this planet). 

Love to you all! 

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