Hello everyone! I am new to the web page, as I have been searching for quite some time to find an online community that I can just chat about Paganism and life in general as I try to figure out my own spiritual path.  I am currently reading many books on meditation, Pagan (Wicca and Druidry mainly) rituals/practices, Celtic and Greek mythology, yoga (because I love it), etc.  My main deity I suppose would be Hecate, as I have always felt a connection with the moon and see black dogs following me regularly (although not sure why... haha).  I am also trying to learn more about herbs and oils and how I can incorporate them into my every day life.  I love to garden already and enjoy flowers, as I love to be outdoors.  I have two young toddler boys that keep me busy, so I won't be able to be on everyday, but I hope to check in regularly to have discussions about all of the various things! :)

Thanks for allowing me to join!  Oh yes, and I am Canadian in case anyone was wondering where I am from.

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My group spice goddess would be a good group for you to learn about herbs and oils as well.as the kitchen witch group. I am preparing a nice post in spice goddess about essential oils so look for that. :) I am also almost 30 weeks pregnant so I won't be on very much in the coming days either having two toddler Boyd sounds exciting!

Greetings and welcome to RP

I hope you find what it is you seek here

Thank you for the group suggestion! I will definitely take a look. Thanks. :)

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