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Just wondering if anyone has participated in a Susan Weed course; particularly the Green Goddess Apprenticeship. It's expensive, and I'd just like a bit more information about what I'm in for if I sign up! 


Here's the link for what I'm talking about:



Thanks for your help!



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Never heard of her "Apprenticeship," before.. but a 1-week course (I'm sorry but 1 week is not an apprenticship in any way, it's barely an intro,) to anyone who pays screams "Scam" to me.


I would think that any "teacher," that wants to take on apprentices would at least interview them, and have a list of qualificiations...


I think it's an expensive herbalism camp with pretty marketting.



Merry Meet EmJ,


It looks pretty expensive to me.  I'm taking my 1st year herbology training to become a herbology therapist and it's costing me 2400$ for the full year including textbooks, 10 days of onsite training and onsite camping.  We did a lot of the activities that they mention they will be doing (plant identification, botany, walk in the woods, making herbal remedies and so on)


It might be a cool experience but a very pricey one. And from what it says, you don't spend a lot of time with the actual shaman.  Like Shawn says, this looks a lot more like an intro to me.  There's no way you can actually become versed in everything they're talking about in 7 days.


Hope this helps.


If you do take the training, let me know what you thought of it.


Blessed Be

As I mentioned yesterday, I've known two people (who are both in the herbalism profession) who have taken the courses and who can't speak highly enough about the classes. Part of why they took the classes from her (aside from her reputation) is because the classes provided good hands-on work as continuing studies for their professional work. If you haven't taken any sort of herbalism classes before, this probably wouldn't be where you want to start. On the other hand, if you do want to train with her because of her reputation, the correspondence courses are less and don't require travel. To get a good idea about her before shelling out any money, I believe she also has a podcast.


To me, that price isn't outrageous given that it includes the class, class materials, lodging, and food. Heck, I spend more than $1300 on lodging alone when I go out of town for a week, although I'm staying in slightly better accommodations. ;)


If it was a topic I was interested in, I'd personally shell out the money to go, but as plants don't hold any interest in me whatsoever, you won't see me there alongside my sibs and kinfolk. :)

Sutra what course did you take if you don't mind me asking? I'm looking at some of her other ones too!


The cost really isn't that big of a worry, to be honest. I'd talked to Leisha before and her professionally trained friends said it was really interesting. I'm not looking to become a shaman, herbalist or whatever, I just want a good introductory course - and it's pretty close to where I live. 


Thanks for all your help everyone! :D

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