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There are a lot of misconceptions about Glamour Magic in the Pagan community today. This is largely due to movies and shows, such as The Craft and Charmed. All of these misconceptions are incredibly wrong. Glamour magic is not used, has never been used, to magically change the appearance of an individual. Notice that I said "magically change." Physically changing the appearance can play a very large part in Glamour Magic, so, yes, alteration of appearance does play a part in glamour magic, but it is only a small part of glamour magic.

Glamour magic is the act of flaunting or boasting a positive attribute of one's self. This is not always a physical appearance, thought it certainly can be. The various attributes that can be intensified are numbered in the thousands. Any attribute can be flaunted.  

Glamour magic is often used in ritual as a way to masks one self to better in tune themselves to the natural forces of nature. For those familiar with Neo-Pagan ritual form, one who may represent a different element would dress up in the colors associated to that element, or the animals or elementals associated with that element. If one was to be the representation of the Horned God, one might wear horns and a fur pelt. In magic one could use glamour magic to flaunt a certain attribute that would be associated with that spell. Perhaps you wish to gain employment. You could use glamour magic to flaunt your professionalism, your creativity, or your persistence.   

There are many ways to easily cast glamour spells and use glamour magic. The most common is positive affirmation. Affirmations are using chants, phrases, or words that positively affirm something to be true. Perhaps you wish see yourself as beautiful, then tell yourself that you are beautiful. Beauty is subjective. If you believe yourself to be beautiful, then you are beautiful. People react to how you act and how you see yourself. If you see yourself as beautiful, if you act as if you are beautiful, people will certainly see you as beautiful. If you wish to see yourself as a powerful, tell yourself that you are powerful (I do not mean supernaturally powerful). If you see yourself as a force of nature that can get things done, can get things that you want, then people will react to that. They will follow you and help you get the things you need done. Positive affirmations are a very important part of a witch's daily practices and should be studied more in depth. I just so happen to have a post on the subject: .

I am going to continue on to a subject that seems to spark controversy between pagans all over the world. Love magic. Love spells are often seen as a violation against another free will. And this is often very true. What does it have to do with Glamour magic, you ask? Well I see Glamour magic as the best alternative to love magic. The reason why? Glamour magic is always, always done on the self or personal objects. Love magic is usually always done on another. If you perform magic on yourself, then it does not violate another's free will. Glamour magic is used to intensify, at least to appear to intensify, a desired attribute. A reason why glamour magic is a very good alternative to love spell is because you do not make someone love you, you make yourself more attractive to the type of person you wish to attract. This does not mean use an affirmation that says "I am attractive to so and so" because that may very well impede on their free will. In fact, use no names at all in your magic. If you wish to be attractive, say "I am attractive." Or if you know of a certain attribute that a person is attractive to, you can use positive affirmation to affirm that you have that attribute, and that it is a dominant attribute of your core personality.

What is the point in all of this? Well, we can often use glamour magic in our daily lives to enhance our lives. With glamour magic we can improve our lives, or others lives by improving ourselves.  

Thanks for reading!  

Asdea Jasper

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Thanks for the post Jas. Keep 'um coming! :)

eall experience is within. the magi works on the realm of her experience, ie on herself, for she has full control over her experience. objective reality can only be experienced subjectively, therefore everything is subjective. to cast a spell, a love spell for example, is just setting the magi up for disappointment. keep your spells within the realm of your experience, ie yourself, for that is where true Power resides.

A very interesting and useful post. Thank you, Asdea. :)

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