Most all of us have heard this word, in full-form or variation. A good number of us, at one time or another, may have even been labeled it or had fluffy qualities to us. Hell, even I was rather the Magician o' Fluff in my budding magical days. I recall the ideas I had of summoning legions of spirits to full tangible form to do my bidding. I still smile upon my naivety during those days.

What is a "fluffbunny"? In a nutshell, it is a person of magical practice that believes in ideas that are either unrealistic or, well, completely wrong. By unrealistic, I mean the idea of having 'powers' that would defy natural law and all probability. Usually, it is among those that believe, wholeheartedly, "anything is possible with magic". They will argue you into a coma that, if you believe hard enough, you can fly through the air or launch fireballs from their hands. It's usually just newbie naivety, but it can become frustrating.

And, there are those that have picked up on ideas, often of historical perversion, and without researching their authenticity, run with them like Prometheus when he brought fire to mankind. Such prominent among those ideas are "The Burning Times" and the lore of the "Ancient Wica". Both ideas can be a somewhat romantic notion to believe, one in a grissly way and the other using age to validate religion, but both are equally untrue and likely won't disappear anytime soon.

The more classic use of the term applies to those that overdose in the idea of "love and light", believing paganism to be purely an entity of unbreakable happiness- that there is nothing really 'dark' in the world. It's rather delusional, we can agree, and such ideas are usually shattered upon their first forum post in an open online community.

The ideas within magical practices can really capture the imagination- and they should! However, the power of symbol should not override one's logical facilities, but rather work hand-in-hand with it. Because we all learn at a different pace, some may hold steadfast to ideas considered "fluffy" a bit longer than others. It is then that we understand that fluff is simply an early developmental phase in one's practice.

So, is "fluffbunny" an insult? No, not really. If you find yourself under that label, like so many before you, don't take it offensively- take it as a challenge! Take it as an obstacle to overcome as you shed illusionary ideas and fictitious events to ascend into spiritual truth. It's not synonymous with being stupid, it's just saying you still have a ways to go.

Is there anyone out there that may further elaborate upon the term or, perhaps, brave enough to confess of their own fluffy days?

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''Power Ranger'' Lulz. I *think* it was Cecil Poole that coined the phrase ''Inept Zealot''. We used to get newagers by the ton when Shirley McClains books were popular. Somebody said on the wild hunt that they were still wanting to levitate the Pentagon. One really does wonder if there something extra in the water some people drink. ;-)
Levitate the Pentagon? That might require them levitating their rear off their chair and to a doctor before giving that a shot...
Yup. Back in 1967 Abbie Hoffman and a group of war protesters were trying to levitate the building using 'psychic energy'. Of course it didnt budge. Apparently, Afghanistan protesters are wanting to retry to 'exorcise the evil' from it.
Have anyone of them even managed to levitate, oh, a feather, yet? Or is it one of those go big or go home ordeals? I imagine any amount of success won't do much more for them short of being employed by the Armed Forces. :)

The Groundborne Rangers, death from below?
Wow, never did i think id see a post like this, and its made my day!.As far as the words "fluffy bunny" there..did it...and got the tee shirt. When i first started out on the net, and on wt..I went round and round with the words, and most of all the feelings they invoked. I was very lucky to be taught rather quickly..a year or 2..why my name and those words were in the same sentence! To me, a "fluff" is someone who refuses to change, to listen and to be open to learning the truth. Its really to bad the words bring up such harsh feelings, because knowing what I know now, if someone called me "fluff" today, Id simply ask why? And Id listen. BB Lea...( also known as Tracy,..the recovering
Simply being uniformed or moments of 'idiocy' is not the root problem. That would be easy to fix. Humanity is being deliberately misinformed by people like SRW, Witchschool Ed, and others. The masses are deceived and quite soundly asleep. Systemically and deliberately they are kept that way. Before you are fully awake in the morning, t.v. commercials tell you what type of car you should drive and what upscale suburb to live in. It is pure brainwashing. We are living in the largest money grab in history since the liquidation of the European Jews from 1933 to 1946. You make a paycheck or draw a pension to feed corporate greed. The largest companies in America are sitting on billions if not trillions. Yet they hold threats of firings over the masses heads to work them quite literally to the bone. I work part time for the largest retailer in the world (not to call names). Last summer in the depths of the ''recession'' the next store up the road had two young men walk out of their location within a month of each other to die of heart attacks. Simply put, those two young men were quite literally worked to death. To wake up, in stark contrast, is to die to ego and the masquerede being put over upon the masses. I do not desire to make this abstract in the least. I do not want to see humanity enslaved in a caste system as my 2 year old son grows to maturity. Yet, that is the path we are headed down unless major things change. ''All men are created equal...'' Yet multiplied millions work for minimum wage when they can find work in this day. In China things are quite firmly in place. There are major lines being drawn in this world currently. The mystery schools have always taught and pointed the way to human liberty. At the risk of sounding cliche, free your mind and understand WHY you are being called a fluff and it is not to belittle you. It is to instruct you in HOW to wake up and what to do as you begin to stir.

Sangraal said:
Have anyone of them even managed to levitate, oh, a feather, yet? Or is it one of those go big or go home ordeals? I imagine any amount of success won't do much more for them short of being employed by the Armed Forces. :)

The Groundborne Rangers, death from below?

Early protests

Prior to his days as a leading member of the Yippie movement, Hoffman was involved with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and organized "Liberty House", which sold items to support the Civil Rights Movement in the southern United States. During the Vietnam War, Hoffman was an anti-war activist, who used deliberately comical and theatrical tactics.

In October of 1967, David Dellinger of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam asked Jerry Rubin to help mobilize and direct a March on the Pentagon.[4] The protesters gathered at the Lincoln Memorial as Dellinger and Dr. Benjamin Spock gave speeches to the mass of people.[5] From there, the group marched towards the Pentagon. As the protesters neared the Pentagon, they were met by soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division.[5] who formed a human barricade blocking the Pentagon steps.[4] Not to be dissuaded, Hoffman vowed to levitate the Pentagon[5] claiming he would attempt to use psychic energy to levitate the Pentagon until it would turn orange and begin to vibrate, at which time the war in Vietnam would end.[6] Allen Ginsberg led Tibetan chants to assist Hoffman.[5]

Sangraal said:

Have anyone of them even managed to levitate, oh, a feather, yet? Or is it one of those go big or go home ordeals? I imagine any amount of success won't do much more for them short of being employed by the Armed Forces. :)

The Groundborne Rangers, death from below?
As a middle school teacher, I often see "fluffbunnies" as those young teens anxious to rebel against the status quo.  In an area of devout Fundamentalists, the lure of Wicca and the anticipation of the reaction of "true believers" (especially one's parents) makes for A-1 entertainment.   Seriously, though, they are testing boundaries and this is one of those areas that they feel they can experiement with.
Oh yeah, I was a Flufferbuffer alright! My friend and I started delving into Wicca at the tender ages of 13 and 14. Our first "Esbat" was a spell that would supposedly let us wish for fantastic things that would come true (cuz' teh GoddezzMoon is awezum!) like *headdesk* teleportation powers and other shite. I think the other was telekinesis. Yup, pretty sure it was...

Then we got into the whole mix 'n' match deities bit. I have our Ye Olde Book of Shadowes and was looking through it last month, actually. My friend had written down a ritual for blessing an athame that called on Odin and some Tribal African Goddess o.O

Then there were the Voodoo Dolls, two of which actually worked, unfortunately, and scared the piss out of us :(

Oh yeah, Cunningham? I had his book too. But Ravenwolf caused brain hemorrhages upon sight of those horrid covers. I got through the fluff phase fairly quickly, though. I thank the Gods for whacking me over the head with that cosmic 2x4... :D
i want to start a coven but i'v been studying for almost ten years. does that make me fluffy? i really wanna know...i dont want anyone seeing me as someone trying to do anything she cant. i really want to help people better themselves and learn from others.

Hey Aubrey,


I've got a group on this site specifically for people who are or may someday become leaders of groups:


In light of your question, I've started a new discussion thread there about why someone would want to start a coven (along with my personal slant on it all) over there. :)

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