I, sadly, live in Canada.. the cold cold North. I'm looking for a coven in Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina. Saskatchewan. The loneliest town to ever town. I'm fairly new to everything and just want someone to help guide me in finding my path and learning how to do the things. 

I'm sorry for me being pretty shy and awkward.. I just want to learn...

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There was only one coven listed on Witchvox for Saskatchewan and I have no idea how far from you it might be.  You can find it at http://www.witchvox.com/vn/vn_detail/dt_gr.html?a=cask&id=30262

There weren't any groups listed on Meetup.com either.

Of course some groups don't advertise.  You can sometimes find these by attending one of the many Pagan events.  This has the added advantage of allowing you to meet members of the group and deciding whether these are folks you like and trust enough to become your family.

There appear to be a number of metaphysical shops in your area, those can be good places in which to begin networking. They might have community bulletin boards where you'll find postings about area events and/or the shop might host workshops and open circles.  And if it's a well established shop that's been there for awhile, chances are staffers will know what the local pagan community consists of and may be able to give you some ideas to further your search.

I agree with the above posts, and would also like to add my somewhat-negative two cents.

I also live in a small town at the moment.  Poverty and pill addiction runs rampant here.  Would I like to be in a coven?  Yes.  Do I think there's a safe one in this town...? Highly unlikely.

If your small town is anything like where I am, I would definitely screen these covens before joining.  And definitely before meeting them anywhere that is not a public place!  Ask lots of questions-- see where they stand with their ethics and morals.  How they practice, what they believe, how the coven gets along, how they deal with negative issues when they come up, etc.

BE SAFE!  That's my advice, and not just for small towns.

I have never belonged to a coven and I have always wanted a group to call my own.  Good luck in your search.

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