I was involved with witchcraft for many years, then stopped following this path about 9 years ago.

I came across Hoodoo about two months ago and have spent quite a lot of money on the incense, oils, herbs etc.

I feel quite down at the moment as every conjure I have tried seems to have failed. I had been so assiduous and dedicated. Moreover, I truly believed in what I was doing and that I would achieve the results that I needed. I was not seeking things out of the realms of possibility - I just wanted to change things that were do-able (nothing to do with love or relationships)

I was working on some court case work for a civil court case I am involved with (I'm the complainant). I used the Honey Jar spell, Beef Tongue spell and some others...Now I am just sitting in my living room looking at the remnants of the spells still on the altar wondering if I should just pack everything away and give up.

I even tried some conjure work on a neighbour who has been causing me problems for two years (well he causes everyone problems so he is about to be legally evicted). He has mental health issues and every now and then, for no reason at all, he will stand outside my door and threaten to kill me. I do not even know him. Anyway, a spell I tried to stop him from doing what he was doing, just left me feeling bad even though I and protected myself in various ways and cleansed afterwards .

Unfortunately, I just do not have the $500 plus it would take to pay someone to undertake the conjure work for me.

Also I do not live in the USA, so trying to obtain some of the things that I needed has often proven a nightmare. Delivery from the USA takes weeks and I have found no reliable sellers in my own country.For example, I needed an Ochosi candle - they are about $2-$6 in the USA, then $60 to post!!!

I have tried making hoodoo oils, etc but still prefer the ones I have bought in the past...Should I just give up as maybe I just do not have the skill...?

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While I get that sometimes you need to change things up a little... you seem to be setting yourself up for defeat before getting into things.  Also, I strongly suggest you focus on something in particular, and get good at it, rather than dabble in multiple things and hope that one of them works suddenly.  There's no ritual that I know of (including any so-called crossroads ritual,) that will suddenly make you a rootworker or conjurewoman...  it's work no matter what you do, and persistance.

A couple things that struck me here...  what caused you to start working with St. Anthony?  Had you already lost something?  If not, I could see losing something as a "don't waste my time," message.  And St. Martha I thought was something to do with cooking/kitchens...   I don't mean to insult you by saying this, in any way.. but it seems a lot more like you are looking at last resort things, from a standpoint of desperation.  St. Expidite or St. Jude might be better fits here, depending on what you're doing... The saints, to me, are similar to spirits that you make a deal with.. ie: you do this for me, and I'll do *this* for you, and then you make sure to hold up your end of the deal.

I do not personally work with the Orishas, so I can't say one way or another, but I would think your experience will be very similar there.
You very well may be better off seeking professinal assistance from another worker, one who does work on others' behalf.
Best of luck


Elle, to keep things simple, I want to concentrate on the work you have already done with saints, if you don't mind.  You said that you already had an altar set up to St. Anthony.  May I ask what originally provoked you to create this altar?  Had you lost something previously?  Also, I'm curios about why you chose to petition St. Martha for your court case?  This saint is primarily associated with cooks, cooking, and kitchens.  Were/are you a cook? Was your case related to this? 


In both cases, with St. Martha and St. Anthony, how did you petition each?  What offering did you promise?  Did you provide the offering in advance?  Did you provide the offering at the time of the petition? 


I have only worked with Orishas within the context of The Seven African Powers with the context of the Saint correspondences :P  .... both have been extremely affective... and in my experience working with them is much the same. 

To Strata and Shawn -

Saint Martha the Dominator is called on by those who need to get the upper hand in any kind of relationship in which the person finds themselves at the bottom. I read on many sites including LM that she is a great ally for all types of situations where you are the underdog and will help to defeat an enemy. She is a protector of women and she is also called upon to get better treatment from employers - household employees like kitchen staff, nannies, etc. I was not a cook. I was a student so the other people in the case pertain to my capacity as a student. I cannot get into it fully here as the other side could quite easily undertake a google search using the term "law student", etc and locate this post which I do not want.

I called upon Saint Anthony initially, not because I had lost something, but because I understand he is the Saint of miracles and lost things (and also because he is gentle). I initially petitioned him for help with the court case and to help my sister as she is ill with an autoimmune disease. There was no response, so I started to petition him again about five days ago just for help with my sister and then when I lost the memory stick (which turned up last night! I thanked him publicly online on several sites even though I was not certain if he was responsible for it turning up nearly a week after asking?).

In terms of offerings. When I set up the altars, I present the offerings on the altar at that point and replenish them regularly if they are food stuffs which can deteriorate.. 

I petitioned St Anthony on a Tuesday using brown and white candles. I offered water, bread, olive oil, white flowers and used St Anthony Oil (though I could not get hold of the incense in the UK). I cannot remember what I offered Saint Martha. If the petition had been successful, I would have donated money to a childrens' charity as I understand St Anthony likes children.

For the Orisha I am turning to, I am offering - coconut water, cowrie shells, pure olive oil, frankincense incense, black eyes peas, eggs, holy water and fresh rosemary.

I was scared with working with Saint Expedite because firstly, I have found no supermarket in the UK that sells poundcake (to offer if my request is granted) and I cannot bake, so trying to make that will only end up being problematic. Also I printed out some more information on Saint Expedite last night (though I have other information on him) and was reading it in bed.It said something along the lines of if you are not immediately up to speed with thanking St Expedite, he can reverse the help he has given you and even take the life of a family member as payment. I read that last night on another hoodoo website and it kind of freaked me out. Of course, I would fulfill my promise right away if St Expedite helped me, but I am concerned about several things a) I have no St Expedite oil, incense, etc - (cannot get them in the UK and takes too long to arrive from the USA) b) the poundcake issue and c) Petitions to St Expedite have to be worded in a specific way from what I have also read.Again I read that if you were , for example, to petition him to stop someone from cheating, he may respond by making the person get into a road accident where they are paralysed and can no longer.. cheat. This was the information I have been printing out and reading about recently when it comes to St Expedite.

I think the problem is there is too much contradictory information on the net - e.g Saint Martha, etc. All the information I read about her on many sites including LM, mentioned she is petitioned by women to dominate situations where you are the underdog..

Things take time and patience, I know my own witchcraft practice has evolved over time [ and by time I mean years]. Hoodoo is still new to me and therefore I'm taking things slowly. You seem very stressed and I hope your situation resolves in your favour soon. Blessings



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