Its clear that the mind has trouble focusing for longer than 6 seconds.  We have all driven and zoned out.  We read while our minder wonders in thought.  We watch TV and don't pay attention to the show. So how in the world can we do ritual and keep our mind focused effectively?
The answer lies in the senses.  Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch all occupy the brain and effect its level of stimulation.  
To effectively focus on ones will you need to have 
1.  visual stimulation - If one wishes to put together a model truck one is so visually focus on the detail of the task.  His mind is occupied by the visual accuracy.
2.  auditory stimulation - if one wishes to hunt birds, he must listen for their calls in order to discover their hidden location.  He is focused on the sound that directs him.
3.  scent stimulation - if one makes perfume he must be aware of the subtle changes with the addition of ingredients.  Ones mind is focused on the smell of his goal.
4.  taste stimulation - A chef must be aware of the taste of ingredients which will effect is final product.  He is focused and guided by the taste.
5.  touch stimulation - One who works with texture is occupied by the feel of the surface.
If one can apply the degree of dedication involved with the senses above to focus and promote a single purpose, the ability and focus level of the mind will be incredibly powerful and thusly more effective.
Occupy the sight with the decor, tools, robe and other implements.  
Occupy the sound with verbal invocations.
Occupy the scents with perfumes, incense and oils.
Occupy the taste with the sacraments.
Occupy the touch with the tools.
Do so and you will find your will unbroken and your determination grounded deeper than ever.
93, 93/93

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::shakes head:: That doesn't sound super kooky to me, Argent. I often realize that my consciousness is focused in one point of my body. A lot of the centering exercises I've read actually aim to bring your consciousness to your third eye chakra.

If this bothers you, though, you can always practice spreading your awareness throughout your body; doing so can sometimes help you identify problems you need to address. Regulate your breathing, enter a light trance state, and slowly make yourself aware of (and reconnect to) each part of your body. You can visualize this a number of ways, though I usually just think of slowly filling every part of me with light. 

Argent said:

You know, if I sit very quietly and breathe for a bit, and then pay attention to my surroundings and my senses without judgment of them, I feel that I am only then inhabiting my body. I spend most of my time at the very top of my head, or even feel like I'm floating above my head. It sounds weird and super kooky, but that's how I've always felt. Like my head was floating away.



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