Can anyone help me with Draconic Witchcraft?  There is a story behind why I want to know about it. Please if anyone is familiar with this tradition, please contact me or reply to this post.  I would really like to talk to you, and any information you have will be greatly appreciated!

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what do you exactly mean by Draconic Witchcraft?

How do we know this is legitimate? You've said in chat the claims are that it is ancient, which does raise my skeptic flag. I understand details of practices not being published, since there's obviously traditions requiring initiation, but you have to be wary of certain things. It's quite common to come across people making outlandish claims of their practice being passed down from ancient times to make themselves seem more cool or important

People incorporate dragons in more well-known practices, those are fine and dandy, but the site linked by Jack seems heavily steeped in fantasy. The spelling doesn't help it's case.

Where did you first hear about this?

I think you took this way worse than what was intended. I looked it up yesterday when the original poster mentioned it in the chat box. I couldn't find any decent information about it at all. I do know people who work with dragons, but I have never heard of the particular witchcraft in question. Working with elementals, dragons, makes a lot of sense and seem quite reasonable to me. This, however, does not have any details going along with it besides cliche dragon mythology(The treasure hoarding and intelligence). Am I supposed to believe anything and everything that comes my way? I wish people didn't lie about having an uber special "ancient" tradition, then I wouldn't have to take everything with a grain of salt.

And I'm sorry, but something written saying it's super secret and ancient, and saying it's a life long commitment "or else", would raise flags with more than a few people. If you could actually provide more reasonable information rather than telling me I'm a snot, it would be a better way continuing this discussion.

And Masons, BTW's, TIW's, ect are all valid and real entities that I have heard about,read about, and met in some cases. I respect secrecy. I respect oaths. Their practices are secret for good reason, but the traditions are well-known. There's history and information about them without breaking the secret practices.



If this type of witchcraft is "ancient", who practiced it? Where did it come from? Do the members gather in circles, groves, etc? Is it something passed down from family member to family member? These are simple questions, and I'm not seeing how it's breaking oathbound material at all. If you can't even mention where it comes from and can't give me any information on why it's a real practice, then you shouldn't insult someone who is being dubious of it. If I said I had an ancient practice where we worshiped a god with a foot for a head, but I couldn't give you ANY information about it to back up my claims...would you readily believe me with no question? You'd probably believe a worshiped a foot-head god, but the "ancient" tag would be the one to be a skeptic over. I believe there are people who work with or just revere dragons in their work, but is this specific type of initiatory witchcraft ancient? How is anyone supposed to know?



If most folks are aware of this ancient form of witchcraft, and I'm just some noobie, then you can link me to a more credible source of information. If there's no written information and it's mere existence is mostly mystery, then how can it be "under most folks radars"?

Melissa, Jack is very blunt, and isn't afraid to speak his mind even if it is somewhat negative. However, I have to agree with jack, From what I have heard through word of mouth and other experiences, Dragons are very secretive spirit creatures. They don't like it when humans blab about them and their culture or their magick. There are many oath-bound traditions and even with my circle of solitary friends I call a 'coven' even doesn't share its secrets. We are just a bunch of solitaries with no real priestess or priests. We take turns being in charge and leading ceremonies and such. That is just how our group feels a coven should be run. But in any case my point is my 'coven' keeps much of the important stuff secret. Most people can't even tell we are pagan lol. I sometimes post solitary spells that i do on my own and things I don't mind people knowing but even I have secrets as a solitaire that I don't share with people and those secrets are about my magickal practices. There is a motto out there where it says to keep certain things secret.

Sun Ra-

Again, I'm not asking you to blab secrets to me. If you can't give me even basic information about something, then don't be offended when I ask you to verify the "ancient" tag on a specific tradition. If you can't even tell me the ancient culture who held these traditions, then why be upset at skeptics? I think we've all encountered some kiddo on the internet making obviously false claims of them being ancient wiccans, for example. This is a discussion board, if discussing draconian witchcraft at all would anger the dragons they worship, then this seems like a very pointless thread. It would also be equally pointless to snap at me when I ask a question and try to look at something a bit more critically.

Well to be honest the most ancient practices are unknown because a lot of it was traditionally passed down orally. Many ancient cultures that have died out there is usually nothing left of them to learn anything from. For example the lost City of Atlantis. I believe it existed but yet there's no hard core evidence that supports it. If Atlantis did exist any information on it is gone because there wasn't much written or documentation about that culture. It was an oral tradition like many other ancient traditions. Even some scholars mistranslates and might get some things wrong. Even some Native American Culture has been lost because of the holocaust on NA peoples and have had to reinvent some things.

What I know about dragon magick is mainly from DJ Conway Books on dragon magick and even then there's things in there I feel might have been fabricated a little. I'm not saying I know everything about dragons and I get your point I really do but I also get jacks point too. I don't agree that jack should of snapped at you at all, nor treat you the way he did and am I don't blame you for being angry while being insulted. However, He has a certain personality and no matter what you do to argue with him he might get nastier and I've seen nastier posts by him on other sites so I just think there's no point in arguing with him, or fueling the fire sort to speak.

Going back to the dragons. Think about the mythologies behind them. Just know that with every myth there is a seed of truth to it. That is all I am saying. Most dragons prefer to be left alone they don't even want the basics known because if the information gets to the wrong hands and there's proof that dragons exist, don't you think that people would go after them out of fear? Think about it, in mythology dragons were hunted down and killed and nearly went extinct. Would you want people knowing your race still exists if you were treated that badly?

Im not at any one's throats. I wish there was something scholarly on dragons but their isnt. You either have to make contact with a dragon spirit and ask questions or you dig through myths and try to filter out the seeds of truth to make it scholarly. If you want a scholarly source on dragons, you may find theories that dragons were actually dinasours and that the bible might be correct in the sense humans did live with dinosaurs. And if that is true that dino's are dragons then that means humans killed them off not some meteorite.

Ron Stemko(Ameris) said:

Can we all be more scholarly here,and less at each others throats? Mel is right,i asked questions regarding said tradition in chat yesterday,and hardly had any information given to me regarding this Trad. Asking about the validity of a Trad isnt lip,it's called Vetting,something this site(and the many BTW's on here)quite advocate. How old is this Tradition? Where did it originally come from?



Also Im not upset with skeptics. I understand, even I want more info on dragon magick but the hard core truth is that there isn't any "scholarly" sources on it.

This isn't just any dragon magick,though. There's lots of information sources if you're looking for that kind of thing, people's UPG and stuff. I've stumbled across it many, many times. The topic of discussion is a very specific type of witchcraft that is supposedly ancient.



There's certain claims that are very bold to make. Your previous Atlantis comment, for example. I think it's fine that you believe in it, but if you started *telling* me it's real you wouldn't be convincing me.

Pheonix Sun Ra(Selenah Arwin) said:

Also Im not upset with skeptics. I understand, even I want more info on dragon magick but the hard core truth is that there isn't any "scholarly" sources on it.

You know what, I'll bite. I have to agree with Melissa being a bit skeptical about this existing, because I really haven't heard that much about it and I had to get my "google" on to find anything about it. Also, assuming that anyone who answers your question with some doubt as a jerk who doesn't care will make it very hard for you get any answers from some of the more experienced and educated members on this site. You may like dragons and that's all well and good, but seriously dude, don't get seven different ways of huffy when someone wants you expand on "What do you know about...".

With that out of the way, from what I have personally found within doing a simple search, it looks kinda bleak with regards to specifics, so if you are looking for a specific coven or tradition to work with, you're SOL from what I can find about the topic. Also, to be candid with you, anything that DJ Conway has written a specific "book" about it is 90% BS and 10% stolen goods and her own personal experiences. I don't really think she is that great of an author and she's a "Potato Goddess" away from being Edan McCoy...who is one more Christian rant away from being the biggest fluff of them all...$RW. There are several great books about witchcraft in the beginners section of this site, feel free to check them out and at least think about reading through some of them. It will make you understand the bigger picture within Paganism and why some of us (myself included) are skeptical about all sorts of fluffy nonsense that is unfortunately floating about in the sea of internet.

I found this site: and it doesn't look good. Its just general bland fluffy noise that makes newcomers to the craft feel okay with believing whatever they want without any actual facts. Also, the person misspelled "hygiene" and thinks that dragons are watching everything you do without fail, and that they are smarter than Stephen Hawking and super Jesus combined. Sorry Dragons, point goes to Stephen Hawking.

While Pheonix Sun Ra does make a great point about oral traditions through various generations, I will say that investigating those ancient cultures in addition to expanding your knowledge about witchcraft will be far more rewarding than a five second google search. Perhaps looking into ancient Anglo-saxon lore and ancient Asian lore will bring you to a point where you can start working with beings in your craft work.

Finally, I don't care if being difficult is a part of your personality, if you can't act like a rational adult and at least try to understand where the responding party is coming from when they do take the time to answer your question, it's not okay. You don't get to throw a fit and stomp your feet because someone doubts you and what you are asking about. I for one, will not be "just dealing with it" and neither will our Mods.

Oh Ron, I enjoy you.

Ron Stemko(Ameris) said:

Can we all be more scholarly here,and less at each others throats? Mel is right,i asked questions regarding said tradition in chat yesterday,and hardly had any information given to me regarding this Trad. Asking about the validity of a Trad isnt lip,it's called Vetting,something this site(and the many BTW's on here)quite advocate. How old is this Tradition? Where did it originally come from?



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