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Different views of deity, How it's put into practice.

I'll preface this by saying I might end up rambling nonsense at some point while writing this. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings swarming in my heard from reading too much too soon. Regrettably, I'm probably looking over some common sense answers out of this confusion and might end up sounding pretty stupid. Try and bear with me. =)


It's also largely to do with Neo-Wicca and/or witchcraft.


My question revolves around all the different ways one may may view deity and in turn, how that person puts it into practice. Soft polytheism,hard polytheism,duo theism, panentheism,etc. How it effects your worship,rituals, and witchcraft (if you practice this).


So, firstly, something that mostly confuses me:


I have heard of groups of people who feel the divine is one or two beings with many facets, and these people are also classified under the Neo-Wiccan category. They may choose a pantheon to their liking, but only see them in a soft polytheistic eye. They only see them as facets of their one or two gods. I'd like to know the hard polytheists view of this soft polytheistic view, and any issues one might have with it.


Next is on the horned god,Triple Goddess, and other various figures of Neo-Wicca. I understand the sabbats are of great importance. The goddess and god change during these cycles. However, what of different points of the earth? Currently the Goddess and God would be getting older in my part of the world, but in the south hemisphere they'd be in their younger phases due to our location on the planet. How do I make sense of this? It's probably simple and I'm just over thinking it.


Then there's those who have a hard polytheistic view on, let's say the Kemetic deities. How do they include the neo-Wiccan god figures and a literal view of the Eqyptian gods so that it works together in harmony? I have heard of people also separating their practices so they do NOT blend together. I'd like to know the thought process on this decision. I also would like to know the problems in doing this.


My last question involves witchcraft. I think I've certainly had a bad choice on the books I've picked up. The books I purchased all place witchcraft in the neo-Wiccan view. Others keep telling me that witchcraft is a practice anyone can DO, and that it doesn't have to do with spirituality at all. However, I've never heard of witchcraft talked about in this way in more detail. How would an agnostic's witchcraft practice be different from a Kemetic revivalist's practice, for example?


Once again I apologize for anything I've sound that sounds idiotic. I've been spending a lot of time reading books,forums, articles,etc for information and I don't understand why I keep getting more confused instead of enlightened. Makes me feel rather intellectually inadequate!


Thanks for your time.It got kind of long!

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Another great response,thank you. I'm addicted to criticism =P

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