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Hey there...

So this is my first thread. And I couldn't find this topic anywhere on the forum... But if I overlooked it, I'm sorry.

But I'm looking for crafting tools.

Think of Athame, Chalice, Wand etc.

In my younger years I used a homemade wooden Athame, and a letter opener in the shape of a sword. 

But now I want the real deal. I know there are a lot different kinds of Athame's. 

Silver, Copper, Stainless steel. And then there are the handles. Wooden, Bone, Leather...

And in some cases there can be symbols etched on the blade and or handle.

I also know that the different kind of metals and handle materials are used for different kind of magic. 

And then there are wands... Which I do not really know a lot about.

And a Chalice... Is the material it is made of important? Like; glass or crystal or tin.

I'm eager to learn about your experiences with these tools! 

Blessed be!

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I personally use my finger or hand as an athame or wand. Instead of using a boline to cut herbs I just use my hand. It is just as good if not better in my opinion. Some people like to make their own wands with woods or a branch from a  tree that they are connected too or that serves a certain purpose, to that wand they may add crystals, or carve runes into the handle.

As for the chalice I have glass one. It works well and is easy to clean if need be. It also doesn't stain or hold odor. As a wood one might, its pretty heavy duty as a crystal one may be ore fragile(I had something for my altar once that was crystal and it fell out of my witchy cabinet and broke into a bunch of pieces) Tin I have no idea, I have seen chalices made of this before though. Hope this helps.

Thanks Sara!

This certainly helps! 

As I understand, athame's and wands are to be viewed as an extension of yourself and your power. 

Does anyone have experience with athame's and wands 'magnifying'  their power?

Since I've just started again I feel like my power needs to build up again. And I think that if either tools works magnifying, that might be the best option for now. 

So the material a chalice is made of is not of much importance...? :)

Thanks again!

I do have a selection of working tools, some purchased, some gifted to me, some I made myself,

but I have not used them for some time now as my practices and needs have changed, so much.

I know many who choose to work without them, too, and many who still do...  so I guess it all depends on what your beliefs and practices entail, and what your needs are, perhaps what you are hoping to achieve.

The materials these things are made of seem to be very much down to personal choice, and what the task involved is that you use them for...

I have a carved medieval style wooden chalice, a Gothy style pewter one, and a delicate crystal glass one too...  each have their own merrits and uses...

As for wands, I have an Ivy one, and a Hazel one.  Just very plain, nothing too fancy or "mystical".

I've never had a proper athame or boline, but I do have a swiss army type of gadget which serves it's purpose, or did, back when I was using it.

The power is my power... not the tools...  it depends how much focus you put into the intent, and how much you prepare for what you are doing, I find, that "magnifies" it...  not the things you touch. 

Just my view on the subject.

Some might say the material of the tool adds it's magic to the mix, well, perhaps that's true, but my most powerful tool is my intent.


When I first started out I was also very hyped with getting all the tools at once. But what I did was make the process of collecting these tools as sacred and meaningful to me as possible.

It took a long time before I had the whole set of tools on my altar because I decided to attain each tool one at a time, meaning I had to study each tool carefully (reading about it, asking questions about it of how they were made and why they were made, etc.) before going to the next.

The whole process of studying and researching each tool served as a magickal journey and made the tools even more attuned and meaningful to me, rather than just being a fancy object laying on my altar. And I'm still learning new things about them!

It took me about 2 years before I had my first meaningful wand, cause I waited until a storm broke off a branch from my favourite tree. Its an old Camphor tree, probably about 200 years old and which I call Treebeard, eheh. I didn't want to cut the branch off myself, so I waited patiently every day, talking to the tree from time to time, and while I was at it, I studied what a Camphor tree was. My wand is special to me cause I built that relationship with the tree.

But in the end I suppose its like what MoonCrone says, the power is within you and not the objects themselves. They're just like a mood booster I supppose...

depends what suits you, if the athame , chalice etc talk and call to you, then they are best. tools are effects , they make public ceremonies more visual, have never used tools myself, I grew up in secret times, it was still almost against the law, and altars tend to be a give away.

Well, it is good to make your own, but I bought my chalice and don't use a sword, prefer my fingers, just my preference lol I did make a wand out of willow though, and painted it yellow for be honest, using your fingers is a great way to extend your energy...but each has their own preference...I hope you find what you seek :)

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