I saw the post asking for essays on the different traditions that we follow so I thought that I would post this about the Tradition that I follow.  I hope it is informative and enjoyable to all my fellow pagans.

Source: Correllian Philosophy by M. Rev. Don Lewis, Chancellor and First Priest of Correllian Nativist Church International.

The Correllian Tradition is based around the idea that inner truth is universal in nature, but is expressed through many outer forms. Correllianism teaches that Deity comes to the person in the way that is best for that person, and which is unique to them. Correllianism believes that all paths lead ultimately to the same source, and that we must respect each others different ways of expressing this.


Correllianism believes that "the Gods" are humans’ way of understanding and interacting with Deity, which is transcendent in nature and beyond humankind's ultimate ability to understand their needs and in reaction to their time and place, to help them interact with Deity in the most effective way available to them. The many faces which people have developed for Deity are all  equally true and equally accurate, but also all equally short of the ultimate transcendent nature of Deity.


Correllianism believes in the providence of Deity; that is, all things happen in accordance to the will of Deity, which is ultimately to the good. Though certain events may be painful or seem destructive in the moment of their occurrence, we believe that they happen for our growth and benefit -what is painful to the conscious mind in the moment is but a speck to the eternity of the soul.


Correllianism believes in reincarnation. That the soul is created from Deity and is never separate from Deity (though it may think it is at times), sharing on an inner level the attributes of Deity, including immortality. That the soul leads many lives over the course of eternity, beginning with very simple forms of life and becoming progressively more complex until at last returning to the wholeness of Deity. 

Correllianism believes in magic and the powers of the soul, which are accessible through effort by the conscious mind. We believe that magic is a tool to help us better our lives, to promote our spiritual growth, and to fulfill ever more of our innate potential.


Correllianism believes that as humans we have many different levels to our being, some of which we are consciously aware of, and some of which we are not. These include the physical, emotional, and mental levels of being, as well as others such as the astral level and the soul level. The practice of magic works to make us aware of the levels of which we are not ordinarily conscious, so that we may work with them for our spiritual growth.


Correllianism believes that there are ultimately only two religions in the world; the Native or Pagan religions, which arise out of experience and observation, being passed on through tradition; and the book religions, which are based on a master race as outlined in the Judeo-Christian scriptures who are "chosen" by God alone among humanity, and whose views are formed not by experience of reality but "revealed" through a book. 

Correllianism teaches that all Pagan religions should acknowledge one another as kindred, and stand together as equals. Our similarities as Pagans far outweigh our differences.


Correllians believe that all things which live have a spirit, just as we humans do, and that all things which exist live. We believe in the concept of a living, spiritually sentient Earth, of which all of the Earth's eco-systems and creatures are components. We believe in the concept of a living, spiritually sentient galaxy, of which the Earth and other planets and stars are components. And the concept of a living, spiritually sentient Universe, of which all galaxies are components. In short that all of existence is living, and spiritually sentient, with the souls evolving from sub-atomic particles to galaxies and beyond, with our present human form as one step in this chain. 

Correllianism believes in the Wiccan Rede; "Do As You Will, But Harm None." We hold the Wiccan Rede to be the highest moral statement and an effective pattern for a moral life. We are in full agreement with the statement of the Witches Congress of 1573 Pisces (1973 AD), which is that the Wiccan Rede "is not open to interpretation." That is to say that the Wiccan Rede must be taken according to its meaning in ordinary speech and traditional usage, not in extravagant or expanded interpretations.


The Correllian tradition is founded on the philosophical teachings of members of the High-Correll family. Some of these include Orpheis Caroline High-Correll who put special emphasis on the universality of Pagan or Native thought, and the importance of allegory in understanding it. Mable High-Correll whose teaching expounded on the illusory nature of time and its manipulation, and the multidimensional nature of existence. Also LaVeda Lewis-Highcorrell whose teaching

focused on the innate goodness of Deity and of being as a whole, and the transformative nature of existence which allows us to grow through many existences.


The basis of Correllian belief might be said to be the idea that everything is in a state of constant and ultimately beneficial growth and evolution, whether it be the soul, the planet, or the universe. Further that all of existence is the mirror of Divinity, which grows and evolves as well. This same idea must be applied to religion and to society. Morality is not a matter of how close or far we are from a static ideal of perfection, but of how well our beliefs serve us in the situation in which we find ourselves. Beliefs and behaviors can be and often are outgrown, and must be revised when this occurs, and
this is no less true of religion than of any other part of
  life. Ultimate truth is beyond the understanding of humankind, therefore it is only natural that our beliefs about Deity should develop and expand as our capability to understand grows.


The following is the Correllian Manifesto adopted by the Correllian Council of Elders in 1579 Pisces (1979 AD). In the course of the decades which have since passed the Manifesto has been modified slightly to keep up with the times and to make its contents more universal, but with the exception of just a few words the document is unchanged from the original version.

continued in next post...

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The Correllian Manifesto

We, the undersigned, hold the following rights to be absolute and unabridgeable:

1) The right to freedom of religion, religious theology, expression and practice.
2) The absolute right of free speech.
3) The right of free association for all people.
4) The right to be treated equally regardless of religion, race, reputation, or other individual distinctions before the law and public.
5) The right to freedom of personal mores, so long as these harm none –that harm is concrete, and does not extend to disagreement with prevailing morals/opinions.
6) The unquestionable and absolute right to freedom of thought and ideas, and the exchange of ideas regardless of any particulars whatsoever.
7) The need for law and the necessity of government
• That said, government must not be biased so that some citizens are elevated, others denigrated.
• That this is especially true in regards to religion and personal
• That no religion may use the state or law, established for the good of all, to enforce its own beliefs.
• That neither race, sex, sexual mores, theology, ideology, cultural background, personal reputation, ancestry, or other distinguishing characteristics are in any way excuse for governmental bias towards citizens; neither personal past, family past, or the past actions of ones associates; none of this is reason for the government to judge an individual.
8) The right to freedom of conscience, not under any circumstances to be impinged by the state.
9) The absolute right to freedom of personal Beliefs.
• That no religious or philosophical point of view has the right to use the state to force others to abandon their own religion or philosophy.
• That the state must be absolutely impartial in its treatment of religious and philosophical differences among the people, protecting the rights of all, not merely the culturally dominant.
10) That censorship is an aberration not to be tolerated within the bounds of civilized society.
• That all people are entitled to the free exchange, both public and private, of ideas, whether they conform to the standards of others or not, and that to use law to suppress ideas or the free
and proper expression of those ideas, is immoral and unacceptable.
• That society may have the right to concern itself with the public (i.e. on the street or public-owned buildings) display of certain extreme materials, but that no one is entitled to interfere
with an individuals right to knowledge and experience, free speech and free association, so long as it is a private and consensual individual matter and does no harm to any other.
• That disagreeing with someone, or provoking doubt or reflection in that one, on matters of religious or theological dispute are not harm and cannot be considered so.
11) That laws regarding the family must not be based solely upon the values of one religion, to the denigration of others – specifically divorce, adoption, attempts to suppress the matriarchal
family, attempts to use law to separate or destroy non-Judeo-Christian-Muslim families, the use by the state of child custody as a threat.
• That the state has no right to separate children from their parents solely because of the parents religious or moral beliefs, and that said practice is immoral, reprehensible, and utterly
condemned by the undersigned.
• That the only reasonable cause to so remove children from their families is concrete abuse –not so-called “abuses” dealing with the above stated religious, moral, or social opinions of the
12) That the individual has the right to choose or refuse medical treatment according to his or her views, opinions, and desires, specifically in pregnancy and terminal illness. That the
individual alone knows what is best in such situations and that no second party has any right or reason what so ever to attempt to compel such persons to follow another path, and that
persons –specifically medical and legal personnel- who do not respect this right are guilty of extreme disservice and abuse of the concerned individual.
13) That no individual has the right to force his or her views on an unwilling other for any reason or under any circumstancewhatsoever.
• That no religious or political group has any right to do so either.
• Specifically to use the law or the engines of the state to enforce their view.
• Particularly regarding religion or personal morality.
• That to do so is immoral and impious: that each individual has the right to be free from such force.
• That this tendency alone is the single greatest cause of bloodshed, oppression, and intolerance in all mans history, as well as the greatest cause of cultural decline.
• That attempts to use law or pressure to force an unwanted view upon another must not be permitted.
14) That all people must be committed to ensuring the freedom of all, rather than trying to force their own view on others.
• That all people must commit themselves to the responsible use of the rights and privileges or citizenship, and must not allow them to erode or vanish or be misused unopposed.
15) That to ignore these rights will surely lead to social disintegration, violence, and oppression by the strongest.
• That to protect and pursue these rights will ensure the future of all and the free and peaceful exchange of ideas and love among divergent groups.
16) That no individual should permit his or her rights and beliefs to be trampled upon, nor the rights and beliefs of others, but should defend these rights and beliefs.
• That safety lies in darkness, but none should have to seek protection through anonymity or secrecy because he or she seeks to exercise these rights, specifically religious rights.
• That individuals and families have the right to follow their own beliefs and practices, so long as they harm no one, free from harassment from those who disagree. That people should not
have to fear for themselves or their families, nor risk dissolution of their families, because of the intolerance of others in religious, philosophical, or moral matters.
17) That those who seek to thus oppress others must not be allowed to do so unopposed.
Although it is not my intent to hijack this thread into a rehash of a very lengthy discussion elsewhere, many people on this site hold a fairly low view of CNT and Witchschool because of the people that run the organizations, their behaviors toward their own members and to the world at large, and various actions done and threats made by them. If you want to continue as a Correllian, my advice is NOT to ask Don any questions about the things that they do, nor about the history of the schism and legal mess, the history of the organization, the attempted eBay sale of member information by the folks in charge, the WWDM, the recent expulsions from Correllian clergy, ordination of fish as Correllian clergy, sex offender issues in Correllian leadership, the behaviors at the Parliament of the World's religions, or anything else that they have done. They have a proven track record that if you ask questions or question the leadership, you will be removed from the organization. If it is providing something spiritually meaningful to you, that kind of treatment can be painful, so my advice...if you want to remain a Correllian, DO NOT question Correllian leadership EVER.

Needless to say, for those of us who believe we should be free to question our leadership, we get twitchy when we see folks who have to live under that, which is why there will be some gnashing of teeth whenever CNT is mentioned.

But welcome to the site regardless!
I myself have personal issues regarding the correllian tradition, some regarding their degree system,as well as how my mother and I were treated by the coven in our area.
I also feel that there is way to much scandal surrounding them for me to be any part of them, although I myself did study up until their "second degree".
Hrm. Looks like I have some research to do. I seem to have missed some things that have happened in my own tradition and that's quite embarrassing. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.
Onyx, one only need to mention that fool Ed Hubbard and the clear co-dependency with witchschool to see why the tradition is not held in high regard...

There was a rather revealing fiasco elsewhere about it. A few folks from CNT left, and their words could better elaborate on the whole of it, than mine.
Onyx I have to ask why someone in the leadership of this Tradition wrought this Correllian Manifesto was it (is it) so persecuted that they felt the need to build such a instrument? I was around in 1979 an it was not as bad as 1975. an times have change.Yes it was not easy being Pagan in the 70's It is true you could go to jail, lose your job, your home and yes your kids. But My Brother I think you might well be served to take the wise council you have been given here. I will not nor am I even remotely trying to trash your path.I feel if it works for you then that what work for you. I think you might want look in to history that has been spoken of here I can tell you myself that folk of this path I have met in my home state of Florida have be far less then honorable men and women an this goes back almost 30 years.
I have read this Correllian Manifesto Five times now in some of its Principal it has Merritt. I say this knowing we all think we have our right to free speech I have no issue with this post at all but having said that I will tell you that the eyes that watch ever word we post an don't think that they don't. Will look at you and your "Correllian Manifesto" in a wholey and souly different way then you interned it to mean.
Thank you all for the enlightening words that you have shared here. I posted this because I didn't see much about the correllian tradition here, and I guess I now see why. I chose this tradition, not because of any connections that I have with it's clergy, but because it was the one place that I could find teachings on wicca years ago. Where I live there is no one that I could find that could bring me along the path that I feel so connected to and so witchschool was where I turned. Believe me when I say that I am going to be digging as much as possible into what I have heard about here. It may not mean much, but for myself I apologize for any harm that has been done by others in the correllian tradition. I truly believe in and live by the Rede and so I feel that I need to do some serious soul searching and decide whether I need to find a new path to fulfill my beliefs. I don't mean that I'm leaving the pagan path because that is the only path for me, only that maybe the tradition that I'm affiliating myself with may not be the one for me.

Again thank you to everyone for your insight and information. I will post again once I have had some time to meditate on my next steps.

May the Goddess bless you all.
Your story of necessity is common, and I very much appreciate the way you have taken all of this. Perhaps the best place to start will be the link I am about to give you, as much as I hate to link to the site where it is held. It's a long read, and although some of the responses as missing due to people leaving the place, there's enough there to give you the idea. Note that later, Hubbard joins the conversation...

I have all of the original pages, without the missing replies, saved in files. I need to host them somewhere in the future.
Thank you Sangraal. I'm off to read it now.
The values presented by the Correllian Tradition are good, I'll be the first to admit that. And they are totally free to interpret the Rede, the Three-Fold law, or any other concept as they see fit.

The problem lies with the leadership - like others have said, the leadership DOES NOT like to be questionned. They don't like to have to back up claims, or explain themselves, or when they do, they resort to damage control and politically correct statements. I'm not begrudging their right to do that, but at the end of the day, one has to decide if one agrees with the leadership's choices or not. Should you disagree, and say it... :(

And yes, there are good chances that a number of members of the council are reading this thread, surveilling what you are writing, Onyx. But they are NOT going to tell you about it. They'll keep silent and in the background. That's what happened to me.
I'm glad you saved everything, Sang! :applause:

Sangraal said:
I have all of the original pages, without the missing replies, saved in files. I need to host them somewhere in the future.

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