It seems that every week we do these, we have a greater response from the week before. Wed. 9 pm, we will be discussing various tools we use. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please load them prior to the discussion. If you have any questions or just want to discuss the finer points of symbolism, this will be a great chat for you.

We hope you join us.


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Really looking forward to this one... :-)

I once did a video on WT of all my tools showing everyone. I gate that I have to miss this group chat but I do have the discuss where pics of altars and tools and be posted here. Will have to resserect it.

My Rent a Priest Box - for those occasions I am traveling to work with another group that needs a Priest


And another...


My Tobacco Tin Altar Kit - for all the times I have to practice / celebrate on tour...


More of the Tobacco Tin Altar Kit...


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