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If you are like me and burn novenas, then this post will be very useful to you.  The word "novena" means nine days, or a nine day prayer.  Most novena candles last 4-5 days, so you in reality need two novenas in order to complete the actual novena.  Novena candles come in tall, glass jars, and many have labels with specific saints on them.  They also have that saint's prayer, so they are doubly useful.  You can choose which saint you want to petition, according to your requests, read the prayer often as long as the candle is burning, and if you have Faith your request maybe granted.  Novena candles are used in the Catholic religion, but they also widely known in the Santeria circle as well as to the Hoodoo workers.  Its up to you to find which candle you need, I may post some of the more popular Saints and candles, but thats another thread :D


So let's assume you have a nifty little shop in your area like I do that specializes in Novenas and Santeria workings, and you have brought your candle(s) home.  Find a place where the candle can burn undisturbed for a long as it lasts, steer clear of curtains.  I burn mine on my kitchen counter. You've said your prayers, mediated or whatever it is you feel compelled to do to cast your energy foward in the Universe.  Here's a list of things to look for during this bit of candle-magic that can tell you lots about your petition, your magical working, and the results. The following information is a result of research on the internet as well as much folk-lore passed down to me by the powerful women in my family.  Enjoy!


If the Candle explodes: This means that the candle caught something negative that was being directed towards you or your home, especially if the candle is for protective purposes. If you are using the candle to dominate or to influence someone, then that person has very strong spirtual protection.


If for some reason your candle will not stay lit: If you are burning for protection, then you had better do some spiritual cleansing before this candle can be of service.


Candle Flame significance:  High Flame= spell is going to work good and work fast.  Low flame = spell will take longer, and probably more work or a different method needed in order to be successful. 


If the candle glass goes totally black: A curandera I once knew always told me that this means that someone is working negative Magic towards you or to your home. You can light specific Reversing candles and do some cleansing, this should def do the trick. 


If the top half goes black: The candle met with some negativity before working.

Bottom goes black: Someone knows you are doing this certain spell/prayer and is trying to work against you.


If only half of the candle or one side of it goes black:  The candle was only partially effective, you may want to find another method to see results.


If the candle cracks: If you are using the candle to dominate or influence someone, that person has spirtual protection which is now broken. You may want to redo the spell or use an alternate method. If used for protection, then the candle has broken some type of negativity that was directed towards you.


If the flame estinguishes on it's own before the candle is finished:  If for protection, the candle caught some kind of witchcraft that was directed towards you. Something has stopped this candle from finishing its work. 


There is so much more to burning Novenas...but this is just a teensy piece of how awesome candle magic is.  :)


Light, Love, and Laughter ~Nell~

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I liked it Spirit,and im looking forward to mor einfo on this subject.

Thank you Artemis, I have always been around Novenas and i know that they are very powerful Magical tools.  I'm working on posting a list of the more popular Novenas and what they are typically used for...lookout for that one it gonna be great. 

See,i was raised Protestant,but my family used Novena's as well,for various reasons,and i like them,their a great way to pratice candle magick.

Photos of Novenas...

thanks for this post!! I use novena candles often so this is very useful  :)

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