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  I'm Starting my @nd BOS soon and was trying to think of a different way from the 1st.I'd like it to have a wow factor and really maximize the items put into it. I also would like to incorporate a journal of my day to day thoughts,rituals,and feelings.

                 I hope whoever reads this would be kind enough to give me advice on a more artisic approach or different way before I start it......I know with some of the amazing page designs here that this site is filled with creative minds.Please share any ideas you feel would be benefital.

                                       Brightest Blessings to You and Yours, Teresa

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Hi Teresa!

Scrap booking a BOS. I think would look artistically fabulous!  I can just imagine all the energy behind it, even if it was a few pages.  Digital scrap booking is very nice too!, and less expensive.   

Also I like the elements of scrap book journaling, or junk books.  That incorporate paper pockets, all kinds of envelopes, index cards, scrap book paper and even paper bags.  Search Youtube for ideas.

If your not very good at drawing, using black and white clip art added to printed pages to color in later.  Mandala's, even your own doodles and drawings.  Here's an example of a BOS cover I designed in PSP, to give you an idea.

Binding your own book.  Plenty of tutorials on many different binding techniques out there to choose from.  




Stamping is another suggestion.

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