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Its not very often that I wear my pagan jewelry in public, but here recently the response I've gotten has been really really positive. I'm not used to it, and not really sure what I was expecting. Maybe I thought that people would be less accepting of me if they found out I was out of the broom closet so to speak. And I'm really thankful and glad that I have not received any negative feedback or societal pressures. I guess my question is, what do you say to someone who says to you "Blessed Be..." as they are sending you off with the server to set at a table? Honestly I was so surprised by it all I could manage was thank you. And then I thought should I have said Blessed Be as well or something like may the god/goddess bring you light and love and happiness? It was the first experience I've ever had like this, and I'm trying to make sense of it all and be prepared for the instances to come in the future situations. Any advice or comments or situations similar you have experienced would be really helpful. Thanks!

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I think a Thank you will suffice. I had a religious catholic tell me blessed be round the holidays once. So maybe it is safe to say that just because they say it to you doesn't mean they are pagan. I have never really had this happen to me before. I think you handled it properly.

Thanks, I've not been able to stop thinking about it since it happened. And I was with my husband going to dinner and it seems to be the focus of our dinner conversation. I thought I handled it ok, and that's what my husband said as well. I just thought I'd ask and get other Pagan's views about it. I was just in shock I think and confused. And I wondered if it was just that this person was like me trying to show respect regardless of mine or their religious/spiritual pathway, but I still found myself wondering about them. What path do they follow? How open minded they must be to go out of their way to give me such a response. I just really enjoyed it. And due to this happening, and having the response be so positive, I haven't taken my necklace off since. And I wear it everywhere now. I have learned or tried to take away from this that I think I should be more confident in my path I choose to follow. 

It's always nice to get respectful, positive feedback from others especially concerning pagan religion. Heck, around here I'm just grateful to find someone open minded enough to even remotely show the faintest acceptance of the tiniest of pagan principles. I'm always excited when I do though. Never really had such a positive respectful reception though. Around here it's either treated with indifference or superstitious trepidation. I'm still hopeful though.

I am glad your pagan jewelry was met with a positive response. 

Always nice when we meet other enlightened accepting folk. 

If I am wished "Blessed Be", I usually say "Same to you too" or something like "and back atcha". 

Of course, you should also prepare yourself for negative comments too, sadly, because it is inevitable they could come along.

It is best to resist the urge to say something like "don't poke fun at this witch or she'll turn you into a frog," no matter how on the tip of your tongue it may be, as this is exactly why they have the negative attitude in the first place. 

Best to say something like "it grieves me (you) that you (they) feel a need to say something which so clearly shows your (their) level of misunderstanding" or something along those lines. 

It is a chance to be an ambassador to the path.

Most people are ok once they see you are being friendly, not trying to convert, not planning to "zap" them with your wand and so on.

I usually keep my jewelry a little low key, like my little fern agate horn of plenty, or my amber heart pendant.

I wear them because they are pretty semi-precious items, and their magical attributes do their job of helping to keep me well, but neither of them are going to cause a reaction out of people, so I play it pretty safe!

I only ever wear things like my pentacles or my Pan head on a chain etc when attending a moot... and on the way to and from the moot, I tuck them well into my clothing.

It's about being wize in the judgement I guess.  Depends on stuff like where you are, who is going to be there and all that kind of thing.    )0(

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