After much contemplation on the matter, I have decided to leave Real Pagan...I will greatly miss many of you that have become dear friends to me and will miss my time here immensely...My husband Chad, who has been deployed the last ten months with the Navy, will be returning home this Saturday and we will be packing out and moving to Hawaii on a new military tour. I will also be starting school shortly after arriving on island and just will not have the time to frequent Real Pagan. I do have a facebook account so if anyone wishes to stay in touch you can find me there:-) I do run several groups on here and would love to turn the reins over to anyone interested in picking it up...

This has been a wonderful place and I hope that it continues to grow and flourish...I wish all the best to all of my Pagan friends!



Jennifer Renee

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I have not known you for long,but you will be missed!...I wish you all the best with the move,and with school!....feel free to add me on Facebook as well!...take care!
Thank you Maggie...I would love to add you on fb:-)
great! :) you can find me there as Maggie Cross
I will miss seeing your smiling face on here Jen, don't delete your account, that way you can pop on when you feel like it (",). I hope the next part of your life is fantastic. See you on FB.

I'll miss you terribly Jenn!  Hope everything in Hawaii goes great!  I'll hit you up on FB frequently.  Remember us Jen's gotta stick together ;)




Blessings Jen~

This is one of those things that make life so difficult at times.... Good-byes are never easy, so for that reason alone, I choose not to say good-bye...I would so much rather, let you know how much of a blessing you have been in the lives of those here in RP, and that I have been especially blessed by you and your friendship.. I wish you all the best in your journey and all that you have set forth to accomplish!! My heart knows that you will be successful! Be well and safe in your travels. Know that even if you are only an infrequent visitor, we would so much rather an occassional visit, then a good-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hugs and Blessed Be my dear friend!!! MJ )O(



 Well my dear I will not say good by just  till next time. I will miss your internet smile.  I wish your and yours well.

 May the fair trade winds always blow at your back with full sails and calm seas.

Shall your locker be full an well stock an your galley always know only the sound of joy an laughter.

May you mugs be fill with the nectar of the Gods and be held in good company. 

An Shall the bow of your life course always keep you in fair seas and safe harbors.


 Jennifer It has been my pleasure to have know you for this short time an watch you grow in your self I hope you will flourish an proper in all you do As I said back up the page this is not good by but only a pause in time so to speak now don't you think I'm getting all warm a fuzzy on you you hear.

 Now you get out there get your toes in that black sand grab your old man with drinks in your hand an have way big fun.

Oh an one more thing if you will tell that brother of the trident of yours to keep his powder dry an stay frosty.(from a fellow that been out after dark once or twice)

  "An remember no matter how hard you try you will never get that mule of life up that tree".

                         Daniel Devlin Shaunghessey O'Neill



Awwww!  I will miss you!  ~sniffles~


Many Blessings to You and Yours and upon all your endeavors!

my dear you will be greatly miss be myself and many others and i will keep in touch on fb as i have benn love too you my dear and best wish and i hope the move is good and you do well in have been a help to be over the last year,you have insight and are uplifting always stay that way.  blessed be   xoxoxoxoo

Much love and blessings to you on your journey Jen...both to Hawaii and in life. I'm glad to hear your family will finally be united :). You will be missed and I encourage you to come back if life allows!


Mino-ayaan (be well),



jenniiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!



Safe journey and a blessed home

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