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binding spell - to stop someone from harming other people.

Hi,   I need some help as soon as possible please. I've resently had someone whom I thought was a friend, of five years, steal from me. He stole my house keys when I was home and he came to visit but I didn't realise until the following morning when it came to going to work. Had to get the the spare set from a trusted friend. Then, two days later he entered my home when i was out, participating in something which I, and some friends, had been planing for months. One this day he stole two games consoles from me and left a note pretending to be a baylift - but I recognise his handwriting and he wrote it on a notepad - a real baylift would have surely had official forms. I have informed the police - they are making an investigation - and I have had my locked changed.

 I just wanted to know if is it okay to cast a binding spell without the persons permission? I have have looked up binding spells already but the results gave information on how to stop someone harming the caster. I want to cast a spell to prevent him from doing similar things to other people. I really hope someone can help me. I always put other people before myself. That's just how I am made - so to speak. Please reply.




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Cheers. I'll bear that in mind.

Well if you go by the "what you give out comes back to you three times", you could send him a love your neighbour spell and maybe guilt will get him.. 


You say that you have decided not to do a binding spell, but personally, myself, I would do a justice spell asking Bast to take care of the matter as quickly as possible, it can't hurt to ask for expediency.

Cheers, Neiges. I'll have a think about both of those options.


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