Blessed Be, everyone!

I am excited, since I have finally been able to conduct a Sabbat ritual of my own creation for the first time, and I thought I would share it with you all.

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Items required:

2 candles denoting the God and Goddess (In my case, I used 2 stones marked with God and Goddess symbols, and pinned to the candles)



Using wax or glue, attach one stone to each candle (I glued push pins to the back of the stones). Slowly wrap the God and Goddess candles together using the ribbon, similar to a handfasting. While doing so, say:


"Tonight I am here, oh God and Goddess

To celebrate thy union, thy perfect bliss

For by thy union, thy sacred bond

The earth all rejoices in colour and song

And from your coupling comes forth all life anew

And for this gift, I celebrate with you!"


Once you have finished wrapping, light the candles, stand them up, and say:


"As you are bound together as husband and wife

So is all nature, bound together in life and death, and life

The seeds are sown, the Goddess shall nourish,

Life has begun, and nature shall flourish!"

Let them stand and burn while conducting anything else you may do (Cakes and Ale, etc)

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