And so a lucky clover was given to me by the most unlikely of people without their knowing the truth.

I'm relatively new to this way of life and of course to this site.  After witnessing some rather unpleasant behavior on WiccanTogether of where I was relatively new, having not been online very much. I decided to transfer here upon hearing some past history from another member and the behavior I had just seen.  I hope this is a much better fit for me. 


Being new to all this, I am open to suggestions, ideas, and tips.  I would especially love any book suggestions that have helped any of you as you started learning your path or any that you feel will help me.  


Past and currently, I have felt connected to Native American spiritualism as well as Hawaiian.  Though, I do not worship or follow gods or goddesses at this time.  I do fully know that the Hawaiian goddess Pele exists to me.  This is because I always feel a warm presence near me whenever I hear her legends being told.  I believe I feel her as well when I dance and that is a wonderful new realization to myself.


I have also thought of a coming-of-age ritual for a friend, who is going into the Navy.  I wonder sometimes if I am too new to this to be holding one for them, but they know no one else who will do so for them. So it must be. I do feel silly to be doing this for a friend, when myself has not had one yet, but I plan for one when I turn 21 next year.


To be honest, I believe I have always been pagan at heart. It's taken me quite a few years to fully embrace it.  Mostly due to certain and select family who will definitely oppose me, if and when they find out.  I do feel better now that I am accepting this.  


Well, how was this for an introduction? Too much? Too little? ^.^

I do hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

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Welcome Lluella!

Although they're not authentic Hawaiian -- you won't find an intact system of authentic Hawaiian teachings off the islands -- Huna teachings might be of interest to you, specifically the writings of Serge King and Max Freedom Long. Another path that has been influenced by some Hawaiian teachings is the Feri tradition, and the best resources on that are the writings of Victor Anderson.


Welcome to the site! 

Welcome to the site Lluella, I think you'll find plenty here of interest...check out the group area, there is something for everyone.

Lark posted a great book list in discussions that might interest you

welcome and Blessings

Blessings Lluella,

I think you will really enjoy the differences here on RP, hope to get a chance to see you in the chat...As far as your introduction, you did a wonderful job! I think you will discover many knowledgeable people, who will be able to offer you suggestions on your journey. Blessed Be   MJ )O(


Ah, yes. I have heard of that and will give it a read. I do wish I could find more on the original teachings.  I shall just grab at the strands left. ^_^ 


To Seren Haf:

On my way! 


To everyone who have replied thus far, thank you for the welcome and advice! <3

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