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Just wondered if anyone would be interested in sharing a picture of their altar/shrine? If not a picture, perhaps a description? We all have such different ideas on what we put on our altars/shrines that I thought it would be interesting and inspiring to see what people do with how big or how small their space is, on what their altar,shrine is, and so on. I'll start it off with my very busy, but working, altar. This is a TV stand.

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Its lovely Aislynn, love the simplicity, Where did you get that incense burner with the pentagram and the dish with runes? They´re beautiful!
I bought the offering bowl in Nova Scotia at a little gift shop.  The incense burner came from ebay until I find an incense burner elsewhere.

Crow said:
Its lovely Aislynn, love the simplicity, Where did you get that incense burner with the pentagram and the dish with runes? They´re beautiful!
Yearh.. big incense burners are difficult to find, and often too pricey. I just have´nt seen that kind so tall.
I love these sort of threads, thank you for starting one! :D
It's always inspiring to take a peak at how others make their shrines/altars.

Your altar looks very nice, Sephira, I find it to be quite charming. Your athame looks sweet also that mini-cauldron you have is so cute! ^_^ 

I have no fixed shrine or altar as it is. I was playing around with different set-ups earlier this year and took some photos so I will be sharing one of those. If anything new is born while this thread is still on-going I will post a pic of it :)

Anyway here one of the set-ups I had: 

Aislynn, I love how yours is pretty, yet simple in its elegance.

Satori, I just LOVE the ambiance and feeling I get from this altar! I love the candle holders! I love everything about it.

And when you Do finally get your one up that you want finally, post it here because if this is any indication  of how beautiful it will be I am just dying to see it!


Satori! That candle holder that fits 4 candles there on the right...I totally want it! Lol!


Are those painted tiles? Those are really nifty,too.


This thread is going to make me go into shopping mode. My hubster is in for it now!

I love the stones! What is that huge bright orange stone on the left side? It's so bright it looks like a lamp!

I love the overall layout!

Rowan: That's a sweet altar you got there, I am really digging it ^^ Nice collection of crystals!

Melissa: "Are those painted tiles?"
If you are referring to the two images in the back those are small canvas painted on by me, I am trying to remember which medium I used (oil or acrylics) and I cant for the life of me remember xD But I do remember that these two were my first attempts at painting on a canvas :)

Sephira: Thank you for your kind words ^_^ I will indeed post a pic here once I get it set up again.

So it IS a lamp! Awesome! Where did you find it, Rowan?

Satori, very creative of you to paint those tiles! I do like them ever so much! Lucky we don't live near each other because I would steal those bad boys in a heart beat!

And Melissa, you know, you don't have to set up a permanent altar/shrine either. You could just set it up as you need it. Some people find that half the fun. When you are ready, of course. :p

Hmmm. May have to make the trip to Cary/Raleigh to the World Market to see if they have one there. Where did you see them online? Was it a specific place or should I just not be lazy and put it in a search engine and see what comes up?
Ok I found some fair priced ones on Amazon. Just type in "Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp" in Google's search engine and scroll down to the picture of the lamp and up pops Google product search, then scroll down and Amazon is option number one. IF anyone is interested. Apparently they clean the air with ions! NEAT!
thanks Rowan!

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