I'm currently looking for a Mentor that I can connect with.  I apparently have lost contact with my Previous mentor...unless there is a way to tell whether or not she's testing me.  When she changed her number, she got in contact with me on Facebook to let me know, then we talked a few times since then, but I have not heard anything from her in a while and she won't answer her phone.

So, I'm kind of in a bind here really.  Not sure what to do, not sure where to turn.  If you've read my introduction, you'll know that I'm a Spiritualist in training.  I hope to work with my own bodies energy in conjunction with other energies around me to accomplish many things.  I have strong feeling that's what I was meant to do...achieve great things by thinking outside the box...literally.

I hope to utilize my Chakras, Healing Energies, Blue Fire, and what ever other powers I have lying dormant.  I could also use some pointers on keeping a pure heart.  I'm told that's why I can use Blue Fire, but I'm not sure many people really know about Blue Fire or really understand it.

I'm not even sure if this is the right community to be asking for a Mentor such as that which I'm seeking.  I need to be more resourceful I'm sure, but we all need guidance too.  So, if you feel like you're up to the task of Mentoring or Teaching me, then I welcome anyone willing to take a chance on me.

You just might be surprised at what I can do.  I know I was surprised by some of the stuff I managed to pull of in the past.  Or if you think you can help guide me as what I should do about my current mentor...whether or not I'm guessing correctly, I welcome your input as well.  Though I really do need more resources.  So, I feel that it's time to branch out.

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