Words hold a very fine and very important part in spell work. Not only does it provide clarity but it makes our wants and intents known to the Universe. But sometimes using the wrong words make our spells either duds or make them turn out with an unwanted outcome. So I think it is time to visit one of the most simplest and most important (at least IMO) forms of magick. Affirmations.

Affirmations are often chants that affirm something to be true. Through the sheer power of intent we manifest something to be true. And it all lies within the words we use. Like I said before, the words and incantations we use in spell work outline our intent. It gives us clarity and focus. You can of course conduct full spells and rituals without uttering a single syllable, but the use of words keeps us focused.

Let's get down to the very basic form of Affirmation.

Saying "I want," or "I wish" often gets us no where in spell work. It does not make the objective manifest. You may wish for money, but often times it will not show.  So what is the problem? Like I said before. It is your choice of wording it.

You never want to say "I want," or "I wish," because if you do, you will, indeed, want, and you will, indeed, wish. I once read somewhere that this may be the very reason that Christains get so disappointed when what they pray for does not manifest for them. They are too busy telling God what they want, and not thanking him for giving it to them in the first place. 

In Affirmations, you want to Affirm something to be true, so therefore, you use affirming words. If you say "I have," you shall, most definitely have. An example I recently used was the good ol' parking space affirmation. While getting into your car to go to the grocery store or the mall, just say to yourself, "I have a parking space near the entrance to the store/mall," while visualizing yourself parking in a spot near the door. You will be amazed by the results. Now that doesnt mean that you dont have to exert some form of mundane and physical labor. You can not say "I have a Parking space near the entrence," and then park way in the back of the parking lot. Likewise, if you say "I have a well paying Job," you can not just sit at home all day waiting for the phone to ring. Like, with all magick, you must carry your spell work into the mundane world to have it manifest.

Thank you for reading.
Yours truly, 
Asdea Jasper

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I love love love Affirmations! I use then daily! It is amazing how much negativity can be dispelled just by the mere use of them!!

Indeed. Daily Affirmations should be a part of every witches daily practice.
Jennifer said:
I love love love Affirmations! I use then daily! It is amazing how much negativity can be dispelled just by the mere use of them!!

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