Okay, im posting this in my blog rather in the forums due to the subject tends to make some people queasy :-P

The topic is menstrual blood n magick.. How effective and if used, how should it be used.

A couple of decades ago I used menses blood quite frequently to consecrate ritual tools, magical jewelry items and certain types of spellwork but as my path has evolved I rarely use it anymore. Im off two minds in regards to its effectiveness.

On one hand I believe it can be a very powerful for consecrating ritual tools and jewelry on a personal level. The personal energy it contains is very strong but I also believe that because of its nature as a bodily 'waste' product its use in magick should be limited to spells and workings that have a similiar energy to them. And as for using menses blood as an offering to the Gods... I akin it to feeding my Orisha animals that have been dead for a week... That just isnt kosher :-P

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Comment by Aislynn on November 8, 2010 at 19:41
I quite agree with this post. I've been talking about menstrual blood a lot recently on youtube, and I didn't really discuss its uses more the view of menstruation. This is a new avenue for me to continue what others have termed my "obsession".

When I did menstruate (or when I rarely do now), I'd use the blood in workings, but they were rare. I'd never use it in fertility magic (as I didn't do any and I don't know if I would equate it with pregnancy in my mind because it occurs when a pregnancy isn't achieved...Hm...) or many other workings because it just didn't seem to fit (mainly due to the waste product). I'd use it in any working requiring introspection or anything I associated with the Dark Goddess. I think that and using it to consecrate some tools that had feminine or deeply personal associations (i.e. the cauldron, chalice, my Spirit candle, etc.) were the only times I really used it. It might have been more about availability than associations then, but I don't think if I hadn't had medical issues I would have used it more because of my views of it.

I, too, don't see it as an offering. I've been told that has to do with the patriarchal view of menstruation as a curse that women have accepted, but I disagree. It is a waste product. We can dress it up as much as we want and connect it with increased power and all that, but it remains what it is--something our body must rid itself of.
Comment by Muse (Deja Vodou) on November 7, 2010 at 18:42
Hmmm, I have never thought of menses blood as pure as it is in essence waste product made of dead and dying cells (someone correct me if im wrong) Im pretty sure its nutrient rich and if so, that property can be used to perforn some strong fertility magick. My main issue is using it as an offering to the Gods. But also take into account that my path uses animal sacrifice on a frequent basis, so I am a tad biased on that subject
Comment by Jennifer Renee on November 7, 2010 at 18:15
I have read that Mentrual blood is incredibly pure, but would it be anymore pure than the blood that comes from a pricked finger? I'm with you Musey..not very kosher;)


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