My name is Tracy and you might have seen a couple of blogs from yrs ago. Well ingore Ive been hiding out for a good reason, well good enough for me. A yr ago i had my third neck surgerie, and as recovering i became ill with Chronic Fatigue Sycdrum...WOW....and wow itwas...and still is...but it seems to be getting slowly better!                       Never in my life did i think i would indup with the stranges diease ive ever heard of. And i began grand maul seizures also....when was the last time you checked your carpet for dog poo a\or dust bunnies>>>lol.....i do it quite often.The diagnosiue is Complex Seisures with unconsience convultions.Now a lot of you might think this is horrible, and some times it is, but there are other times its very mind opening. Now being a studient the Craft for 32 years, i thought id seen it all except death....boy was i wrong. Well i shouldnt say it all..we all know we are continue students, but i saw and experienced things that i was mind blown!!! It seems to me, that when i have seisures i tend to travel. Now they might be very short trips but they can also last long minutes with visual out of body experiences. I am with my family ans we are walking thru a a forest, there are sio many trips like this, I will have totell them in small tales. Another SUPER exciting side effect from the seizures is colors......i can see colors ive never seen before and i ve taken uo art to alliviate the need to color or paint.Im wondering if anyone else there has experienced this thpe of changes within an accident or illness or injury?? The reason i ask is it has seems to have opened up a clarence within my mind and sences. Ive always been very open mined and aware of my sences, but this is new....any thoughts...Blessed Be, Tracy

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Comment by Tracy on September 7, 2017 at 13:17

Well...its been awhile but Im back n the groove of things,..still have the health issues, but I have learned to cope very well....just glad to be alive...tracy

Comment by Ursula Chokker on April 9, 2017 at 16:28

Argh, sorry, I just re read my comment and realised my 'Auto correct' played tricks on me a few times. I do apologise for this. It is not meant to be 'ironic' fatigue but chronic of course. Some people would say a Freudian slip. Please excuse other spelling mistakes as well .... Sorry. Maybe I should turn auto correct off lol.

Comment by Ursula Chokker on April 9, 2017 at 16:21

Hi Tracy, wow, it sounds complex and yet, some parts of it strongly familiar. I am Ursula and only just joined this forum yesterday btw.

When I was 14 I tried to commit suicide (thankfully and obviously it wasn't successful). However, this incident did change my life and perception up until today and forever. I had flatlined twice during this time and both times had an near death experience and out of body experience. Both experiences were extremely powerful and positive. During the out of body experience I was looking down on my own body and saw and heard everything up to the point where I told my doctors later exactly what I had seen and they had done and said during those moments. In the second out of body experience I 'travelled' out of my hospital room and stayed with my brother and my mother outside my hospital room as they were anxiously waiting for news about me.

It was mainly my near death experience which did change my view and my behaviour on a foundational level. Momentarily I have to admit I am for the first time questioning myself if my believe system is helpful or not in my life, but that is a different story. My believe system which stems from that time is very similar to the so called Universal laws.

The difference in myself was that even though I was able to sense as the only one in my family, as a child that my grandfather would be passing away on a certain day (everyone thought he was quite healthy) .... my senses seemed to have developed far stronger since that experience. I seem to be picking up on other peoples emotions, even strangers, very accurately and quickly.

I have heard 'others' mention that one 'gift' can be seeing,.... as in seeing things far more vibrant then others and due to that see things in people or objects on a much higher level.

As for your ironic fatigue,... I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ironic fatigue which I am very aware of the origins of this. Many people look at it as a disease, do did I at the beginning, until I realised the blessing which came with it. You appreciate things on a very different level to if you were 'healthy'. Fibromyalgia btw was caused with my by a fractured neck .... but no, thankfully I have never had seizures.

Maybe try and become aware of the origins of your ironic fatigue as this might help in your recovery. Fatigue is usually a lack of energy or muscle strength. It could well have been caused by your neck injury or it could be that your energies are out of sink at the moment. With myself it was definitely partly connected to my neck and muscles as it took enormous strength to hold my head up even, to a really bad balance of energy mentally on top of the physical cause. I am certain with a change in my situation I am currently experiencing my fatigue should eventually get much better and eventually be gone for good.

Tracy, thank you so much for writing this article. It really does good to hear someone else say things which I myself have partly experienced and am still up to this day learning from. A sincere thank you from me. I knew there was a reason or rather many reasons why I wanted to join this website. Thank you. Take care, Ursula


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