Candle spell for new year’s eve.

Although the (celtic-based) pagan new year is celebrated at Samhain in most cases. Celebrating the secular new year with ritual can be a great way to incorporate other new year’s traditions into one’s practice. This ritual’s purpose is to do away with what is hold, shedding oneself of the emotional regrets that bind us, and to be reborn into a happier state. To do so, we will symbolically discard a burden, and resolve to reach a goal. Keep in mind that whatever you let go must be something you are READY to let go of, and your goal should be an achievable one, that you can easily foresee achieving in the next year.

You will need:

- A small candle- a votive or birthday cake candle. Any color will do.

- A drawing, picture or symbol that represents your resolution on a piece of paper, with your resolution written beneath it.

First, prepare your altar and erect a circle if desired. Ground and center. Pull out your candle, holding it, un-lit in your hands visualize a regret or habit you wish to be free from, and try to focus that energy into the candle, unwinding from you like a thread unwinding from a spool and coiling within that candle. Finally imagine the thread breaking and being completely embedded within the core of the candle. Now, set the candle down.

Say “ I release myself from this burden” Light the candle and say “ As this candle burns and melts, so does my worry…”

Let the candle burn until it is extinguished by itself. Throw out any remnants that are left.

In the meantime, pick up your paper. Focus on the image and visualize your goal or desire coming into fruition. Imagine the happiness it would bring you! Imagine that this symbol or picture is the key to a gate through which you will succeed. Allow and self-doubt to be released from your mind, only imagining the positive. Lay trust in yourself and the universe. Feel energy drawing the image towards you… feel the image vibrate with warmth and resonance that matches your own body. Drive that vibration to grow stronger.

Say “In the coming year I resolve to ________. I call on (Patron Deities), please hear my plea and give me the strength to follow through. As above so below- So Mote it Be! ”

Save that paper in a safe place until the end of the next year.

Happy New years!


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