There are so many things a performer is afraid of and one of them is – Stage Fright.

Stage fright is an issue for the newbies in the world of public speaking, and it can be a cause of worry even for the experienced. This is because the person about to deliver a speech or give a presentation in a business meeting is often worried about the reception the will receive before, during and after the speech. It is possible that even the most experienced speaker might give a dumb impression when facing a crowd. Frankly, if you have been through that situation, you should not worry or curse yourself all your life for that mistake. So, keep calm and read this post to give a confident and clear presentation, the next time you are standing in front of a crowd.


Text matters

What are you going to say is extremely important because your listeners are mainly interested in the content you have prepared for them. So, write out your content and make sure that you have a gripping intro and a satisfactory end.

A good idea is to start with an effective question that forces your audience to think and be sure that they are going to learn something new, interesting and important today.


Coordination is important

If you are adding visuals to support your speech, you should make it a point to recheck the order in which they are placed so that there are no ‘oops’ moments that can make you feel nervous and break down when tens and hundreds of people are glued to the screen and are focusing on what you are saying. So, recheck the mix and be sure that there are no issues in the future.


Is the equipment checked?

Well, even if the order of the visuals is perfect, it is possible that you might still have an issue with the presentation if the equipment fails to respond. So, it is important to check your equipment too. If your current equipment has gone off at the wrong time in the past, it is not advisable to use the same for an important presentation. Replacing it with new equipment that will not fail to impress the viewers is advisable.

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Ask questions

If you want to buy time until you remember the next point of if you have missed a link, you can simply wait for a minute and ask questions to the audience and mentally prepare yourself so that you can continue with ease. This is one of the best things to use as filler because it helps the audience know that you are willing to interact with them. At the same time, you will get time to get back on track.


Have minor loopholes in your presentation

Minor loopholes that can be explained, but the same should not majorly impact your presentation.

But why have this?

If it is your first presentation, you will expect the audience to come back to you and ask some questions. With intentional loopholes, you will be ready with a prompt answer for the question and let the audience know that you have decent knowledge about the presentation. At the same time, it is important to know that you will come across questions that cannot be answered or you have no answer to it. If it is avoidable, you should say something like, “Good question, but I have a different presentation ready for it and will be discussed in the next session.”

Although, this is not the best reply to a question, it can help you save yourself from embarrassment if you look confident and make an impact on the person asking the question.


Be there before time

If you are going to speak for the day, you should know that many people will be eagerly waiting for you, and so, it is important to be there early. Another reason because of which it is advisable to be early on the spot is that you will get time to know the stage or the platform and plan your speech and movement accordingly. There will be no unnecessary restrictions, if you know the platform and are ready with your speech.


Facing the crowd

If you look at them as one group, you might have stage fright, and you might not be in a position to face them all at once. With this, you will let them know that you are nervous, and the mischief mongers will make it a point to irritate you during the presentation. This can be an issue, and you will feel worried about it. If this happens, you will miss out on an important opportunity and fail to impress. So, try not to look at them as one single group. Instead, you should look at them in sections. This will help you assume that you are talking to a small section at a time and communicating with a smaller section will be easy for you. This also means that you will not be worried about one big group and the same will prevent nervousness in your mind. Nervousness is a tension builder, and you will soon be in a position to miss out on some of the biggest advantages of giving a presentation.


With these simple tips, you should be in a position to make a choice and decide whether you want to live your life in shame or get up and face the world and impress them with your speech. The choice is yours!

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