Pagan Pride Day in the Twin Cities yesterday. I skipped it. I am so tired of plastic pagans, those who are there only for self-gratification. I so do not need community, I do not need those who cannot be pagan without being validated by someone else. Christians need community, they need churches to validate themselves and their beliefs. For me, covens are nice and with the exception of Gardnerian, they do not attempt to tell you what to say or how to act or feel. I strengthen my spirituality through daily living and being true to myself. I know what phase the Moon is in and I use that phase accordingly. I read tarot and trust my cards. I do not surround myself with needy pagan wannabes who would not know their left from right, but instead follow my own path. Would I like to meet a woman of similar values? Yes. Does my spirituality depend upon such a meeting? No.

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Comment by Cu on August 16, 2016 at 7:01

I try and gather with others on Imbolc every other year.  I've been to some amazing rituals and meet very cool people, but it is more like bonus time for me, I feel my flavor of paganism is defined by private practice, but enriched when I gather with others of a like mind. 

Comment by Serafina on September 30, 2015 at 20:42

Are Gards supposed to tell people what to do and say?  Uh oh, I better tell my HPS she's been remiss.

Serafina, Gardnerian 1*

Comment by Christopher Blackwell on September 20, 2015 at 18:13

Many of us are not people persons that is people who need, or even want to be around people. I prefer being on my own most of the time, just as I prefer practicing on my own. Most of the thing that interest me are not exactly common interests, nor is my way of looking at things, or reacting to them. I assume this is as I am supposed to be.


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