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A Touch of Beltane


Joy and merriment abound, as the festivities begin... Beltane is one of the largest celebrations found on the Wheel of the Year. This celebration is observed on April 31st / May 1st (or October 31st / November 1st if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). Typically, the eve before the first, begins the traditional celebrations. The how's, are varied from tradition to tradition, as well as, personal preferences. The focal however, is usually consistent, revolving around fire and…


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Special Thank You

Blessings to Steve, all the fellow mods, and the RP members.....

Just a short note to explain my frequent absences as of the past couple of weeks... My cousin entered hospice and was brought home two weeks ago today...(Brain Cancer). Things have been pretty touch and go, the days and nights, have been filled with both good and bad moments. As a family, we have been spending as much time as possible with him...We lost his mom to the same thing, several years ago, so this has been very…


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Holiday Thoughts......

Life has a way of completing circles that are left unfinished..... Tis strange , but so true...

I hope that all, had a joyous holiday today.

That you were able to spend it with people who are special to you , and recall just how lucky you are to have them.......

Often, we forget, in the day to day struggles, to say Thank You for what blesses our lives. Like so many holidays, recognizing the people and blessings, shouldn't only happen on a holiday designated for this....It is…


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She arrived already an Angel.......""The Angel's Message""

Message to Mommy and Daddy.....

When you think you are all alone, and I have left you ..

Just remember this,

I am just playing hide and seek within your heart

The next time you feel the gentle caress of the wind upon your face,

know that I just felt I was being missed,

so you deserved an extra kiss.

The next time that sunbeam floats down before your eyes,

remember, that is me, within that light

I am there to brighten up that darkest…


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Darkness Rolls

It is that time of year again, when change is starting its spiral...

The leaves have slowly started to add their color to the world, reminding us of what is yet to be.... Paths forged and new journeys begin, Twists and turns of the past may rear their heads, to remind of us how far we have traveled....

For some, this is often the season of questioning the direction they have chosen....For others, this is a time to reaffirm the path they have set upon for their…


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The Pathway versus the Highway……

The Pathway versus the Highway……


Time and time again, someone asks:

How long will it take till I know my deity?

How long before I know I am on the right spiritual journey?

How soon will I be able to do a spell and know it was successful?

When will I find all the answers to my questions?


I guess I want to know, when did seeking a path, became a drag down the super-highway?


I stopped and thought of this comparison,…


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Just a moment with the wind.....

In the early morning hour, the answer came in the wind….

Sitting on the stoop, I looked out and started my morning off, with just sounds of nature, reminding me to be thankful, for being blessed, with yet, one more day….

A day, in which I knew the craziness of the world, would descend and interrupt the solitude, I so treasured on these early mornings.

A day, in which I would find myself running the Mom Taxi, laundry, housework, house errands, and many other…


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Hard Knocks Time

Blessings to all,

This is not the normal post for me... I am telling you all that right from the start.... I am going to ask you all to do something, if it is within your power...


As a pagan community , many of our members have been forced to deal with the loss of a job/ a loved one/a home/ medical issues, and many other hardships, that they have…


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Where Dreams May Lead....


In a far off place, where only dreams may lead me.....The daffodils bloom and remind me of the energy that comes from the birth of faith.....Their gentle scent fills my head and lets my mind wander to peaceful moments....The gentle wind murmurs words that only my heart can hear......


In a far off place, where only dreams may lead me....The river is a mirror into my soul....It reminds me of the past and symbolizes a future.......The sounds of laughter I…

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Under Reconstruction......

Life would be so simple, if we could just hang a sign out that says:

"Under Reconstruction".

It would warn all of those around us, that we are experiencing huge changes within our lives. It would announce to those that share our lives, that we are having a moment in time, when for some reason, we have run into something that is new, foreign, and has caused us to question what is within. It would prepare those that love us,…


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Tears within a Dream

The darkness seemed to envelope me as I walked along...

Deeper and deeper within the grove, I wandered.

The moon slightly waning,still lit the way as I travelled.


I could hear a voice calling, around me, within me, leading me.

Knowing it is taking me on a journey, that is filled with emotions.

Tears roll gently down my face, as I keep moving forward.


The tears, seem to be trying to wash away a lingering doubt, of all that came…


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Stone in the rough, weathered and worn
Blank canvas of nature, left alone and unadorned
Revolutions of time spinning forth, as my beauty urns to break free
I've lasted through centuries without form or a face

I guided the hands that created me,. watching and waiting
Through patience and grace, I'm slowly emerging
With the ground as my pedestal, shielded within the magic of circle
I arise before…

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Why? or Why Not?

For each of us that travel a path, it is not that we are so very different. Rather, it is that, we all follow the beliefs, that are found within our hearts.…


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The Hidden Secret

Everyone stopped and stared, as they watched the sky.

Huge flakes of white crystal, falling ever so gently.

As they touched the ground, some would melt, while

Others started to slowly begin to accumulate.

As they began to blanket the earth in white, I thought how fitting.

The first day of the new spring, and we are being blessed by a snowstorm.

Walking along, it dawned on me

What a beautiful way of wrapping the surprises of spring.

We wait… Continue

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""If it cannot be found within thee""

Often, people question if they have chosen the right location for their ritual?
Or, if they planned it down to perfection, do they have what they feel is needed to call to the Lady and Lord? 
Do they have all the needed items to present a worthy alter or have they forgot a special piece?
Have they memorized all the "proper" things to do and say, while they cast their circle or perform their ritual?
One of the most important things to remember, is…

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The sky is slowly fading gray,

and the once so puffy winter clouds,

seem to darken with the distant rumbling.
Suddenly, the dark sky alights with a flash,

and the wind once so still and bitter,

now blows with the force of the coming storm.
The dampness in the air heats,

and the once so frigid air

now brings the coolness of a new spring rain.
Like all storms that I encounter,

and all storms yet to…

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Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

I heard someone say the other day, “I just don’t think I can do this …..”


My thought:

                             “In perfect love and in perfect trust”


Life does not ask us to be perfect. We all stumble, fumble, and we all carry with us, some form of trouble. However, it is what is found within, and how we choose to view it. There is not a day that passes, that someone, somewhere, doesn’t wonder if they are going…


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Pull Up a Seat and Park It!

My mind was running that forever to do list, and was wondering how I was going to find an extra 6 hours, in the normal 24 hour day, to just break even with what was on the day’s list of chores. As I was driving over Prospect Hill, I looked off to the right and realized something; that day was just a single moment in time!


I pulled the car to the side of the road and shut it off. Wearily, I stepped out and walked toward the ledge. Slowly, I eased down to sit upon the rock wall…


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Remember me with.....

We all were gathered together, sitting around the kitchen table and laughter was definitely the sound hear loudly throughout the house.  When one of my  kids brought up my Dad, (now the anniversary of his passing was 10 years ago on September 11, 2000), and shared how they had been down to visit his grave.


When I asked why? I got the simple response of how he had something to share with Grandpa.


Over the years, each of my two kids has frequently asked to go to…


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Perspective, be it true that we all see things from a different one. One thing that must be remembered at all times, is we all must be true to ourself, with respect to how we look at ourselves.


Anger….Frustration…Indignation… and so many other negatives ... They are the negative energy forms that seems to be so accessable to all , while taking little to no effort to be share with others, since it revolves around all extensions of everyones' life. Some go to work and encounter…


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