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A Feeling of Goodbye

There seem to be a ton of changes happening to me these past few months, especially within the past week or so. It is a lot to grasp and a lot of things that I am saying goodbye to. However, never did I think I would say goodbye to my spirit guide/animal.

The Raven has always been a close spirit to me, and it has been a part of my life for the past two years. But lately I have just feeling a disconnect from it. It is almost as though it is saying goodbye and moving on. I know spirit…


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I'm Your All or Nothing Girl.

I feel like a bad ‘pagan’, rather a bad ‘dedicated’ witch.


I should know more by now. But I am all air and water, like a hurricane. With no fire or earth. No will and no follow through. I just don’t consider myself competent enough to allow myself to practice magic. Although to me, yes magic is in everything one does, yet I suppose I am referring to formal magic. The type of magic an active practicing witch would be worthy of casting within a sacred space between the…


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Stones for my grieving process

As you may or may not know I lost my beloved dog Salem ,the first of this week, he got out and was run over. I knew that I was going to need help in this grieving process. So I looked up what stones that I have in my possession that would help me and this is what I have been using.I placed them in a medicine bag I picked up from an Apache store in the mountains of New Mex.

1. Rose Quartz. first off I feel terrible guilty and responsible for Salem's death. I needed a stone to…


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Pantheacon 2012

Having just returned from Pantheacon 2012 in San Jose, CA I was moved to blog about my experience. This years was my first year in attendance of the conference, and the theme for the con was "Unity in Diversity". This theme was overall well deserved as the smiles of friendly faces generally greeted me in the common areas and workshop rooms and I was generally made welcome by everyone that I met.

The four days that I attended were rich in content, choices (too many to attend all that…


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Growing Pains

My practice is forming wonderfully, and much of it is coming through easily with research and personal thought. Research and personal beliefs are making this something unique to myself, and is turning into something I can actually resonate with and feel like it is actually a part of me for once. However, as with all practices, it is in its "growing pain" stages. I know it will change later: things will come into question, new research might disprove or replace old information, and my beliefs…


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membership requirements

what are the requirements to become a member in the group called The Cauldron of Inspiration? 

Added by eisdrache on February 23, 2012 at 16:51 — 5 Comments

Rice? Nice! A Biryani blog

I’m stuck in a hotel room in another time zone so I’m bored! So reading the posts on here I thought I’d pop another recipe on here.

And I already say sorry to all my Indian friends on here, it may not be traditional, but its a traditional UK/Indian dish ;-)


Vegetable Biryani


The stuff you need:

2tbsp veg oil or a nice dollop of Ghee

2 large sweet…


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Influences & Simplicity

It is amazing how much of my practice has changed in a short amount of time, even though I am still only sketching out beliefs, theology, and ethics. However, I remember before in one of my blogs that I mentioned having some Wiccan influences in regard to ritual structure, etc? I haven't delved fully into the rituals yet, but I am beginning to see that it will not work anymore. However, I still clung to the influences. I still wanted there to be some remnants of it in my work, but after…


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Out of my Element

I have been feeling out of my element recently, in more than one way. It has nothing to do with the move that is hopefully coming soon, or anything to do with my relationships in any way. I miss having my altar up, the scent of incense permeating the house, my crystals where they were easily accesses, my tarot cards out and ready to be used when I needed them, and just having everything that involves my religious close at hand instead of hidden away. I do not mind keeping them safe…


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My dog Barkley

I have entered Barkley in a photo contest sponsored by the humane society. you can vote for him if you donate $5.



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Lets Get Crafty Recycling .......... A Peek At My Potions Containers

A lot of people that view my many photos ask me where I get the cool bottles on my potions table.As I have confessed to you all Im an old hippy and practice my own brand of recycling.Recycling or "Upcycling" is a wonderful tribute to our Mother Earth and it dosnt have to be tedious or boring.I…


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Positive Changes

So with my last blog post I was talking about all the negative stuff that I needed to get off my chest, and now this time I'm here to tell you of the positive stuff, and to ask for help in sending good positive vibes to help with our new opportunities.

So positive changes in my life include my husband and I making an effort to repair some of the damage to our relationship caused by the misscommunications that lead to our Eviction Notice mentioned in the previous blog.  We had…


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Imbolc/Oímelg Results

To be truthful, with the way things went last night, I thought I would be feeling downtrodden and upset. Nothing seemed to go my way.

The symbolism I had put forth to welcome the spring and say goodbye to the winter didn't work, and nothing would light in the small fire I made. I am guessing I didn't take into effect some things I didn't know about autumn/winter fallen leaves, and how they should burn. Not to mention I couldn't get grounded or centered because I was so conscious of…


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Of Two Minds: Why I'm Wary of Non-Indian First Nation Spiritualists

As the title indicated, I am of two minds when it comes to non-native people practicing native religions. There is something about meeting an effusive person trying desperately to become a part of my community that sets my teeth on edge. Also, there is something refreshing about a warm person trying to understand and celebrate my culture. I'd like to outline a few of the reasons I have a combination of disdain and respect for such persons.

Firstly, many non-native people who…


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