A Celebration on Lughnasa by Edan and Sage

I woke up early this morning, excited for the holiday of Lughnasa! This holiday always seems so exciting to me because it is the day that we thank Lugh for giving us the knowledge on how to grow crops, and we also thank his foster mother Tailtiu, who died clearing the trees from Ireland so that crops may grow.

First, I went outside for the first harvest from my fruit trees and bushes (including blueberries!) The first of these that I picked I offered to Lugh. I also picked some wild flowers that grow at the edge of my property and I decorated my shrine with them. I then began to start cooking for the big feast I would have later!

I made a fresh blueberry pie with the berries I picked this morning (also called Fraughan pie) as well as some lamb and garlicky colcannon.

After I was done with my feast, I made my way to my shrine and proceeded to give my offerings and thanks to the ancestors, Lugh, and Tailtiu*. I offered blueberry jam to Tailtiu as well as whiskey and food from the feast to Lugh. I also put out some butter for the kind folk. I also asked Lugh for protection**, since this is a stressed theme on every High Day.  

I’m off to bed now! Tomorrow will be a busy day full of eating with friends and outdoor games all day!

*Long ago, when our gods won Ireland from the Fomorians we obtained the secrets of agriculture, growth, and harvest. Today we come before the gods with the guidance of our ancestors to give thanks for this generous gift and everlasting knowledge.


To Tailtiu,

Foster mother of Lugh,

we give –insert offering--

We remember you this day for clearing a forest of Ireland,

and giving your life for our benefit,


To Lugh,

the god of many skills,

who gave us the gifts for which we gather together on this day and give honor,

We celebrate your many skills,

You are the builder,

the smith,

the champion,

the harper,

the warrior,

the historian,

the sorcerer,

the physician,

the cupbearer,

the brazier,

the bringer of knowledge of sowing and harvest,

To you we give –insert offering--

and thank you for your many gifts.


To our ancestors we give –insert offering--

We honor you and thank you for continuing to pass down the information

that has sustained us and helped us grow strong over these many generations.

**With the blessing of Lugh and the might of his spear, the sacred gift from Gorias which brought victory to any that would wield it, we ask that you protect this home from all harm and malice, from evil eye and misdeed. Let all who oppose those within my dwelling be found without success.

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