Tips for More Fruitful Studying

As you being to delve deeper into your research about different paths, there are some basic study skills you should consider using to more thoroughly learn.

The number one thing I can really suggest is to take notes, notes, notes. Write down things you agree with, things you don’t, things you’re unsure of, things you want to cross reference. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Every time you are going to read a book, make sure you have a note book and pen ready. Not only will writing the information down help you to remember it more clearly, but you can review it later and see where you stand: Did you agree with the points made? Did something seem right to you that you know want to include in your BOS? I cannot tell you how many composition books I have just packed full of notes starting seven years ago. Reading them now, I can tell how much I have grown. I can definitely say I have chuckled a bit at some of the notes from the days early teenage days when I first discovered Mama Ravenwolf. 

Speaking of our beloved Silver Ravenwolf, it would also be beneficial for you to question everything that you read. Not everything a author puts in a book necessarily makes it true (just go ask Edain McCoy). If something sounds off, go google it, research it, see what another author has to say. There is a great chance that the author may not be correct!

Another suggestion I have to make to you is to create a sort of “Pagan Syllabus”. Clearly write out your goals of what you want to learn each week or month. For instance, maybe for December you want to complete reading A Witches Bible with notes, research Yule, create note cards for the uses of herbs A-C, and learn the properties of stones A, B, and C. By creating clear cut goals for yourself, you are more likely to get more learning out of your month.

Discuss what you have learned! Get others view points, analyze a specific portion of text together.

The final, and possibly the most important tip is to not be afraid to admit that you were wrong and grow from the help of others. Instead of getting defensive when someone points out a flaw in your facts, take that as a learning experience. This still happens to me all the time, and I am grateful that people help to bring light to things I may not be 100% correct on. 


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