How to Start: "I want to be an Eclectic Pagan Witch"

1. Meditation: Start meditation daily, at first for only a few minutes, then increasing to ten, twenty, and so on. Not only is meditation good for your body and mind, but it will greatly help you in the future with energy work and magic.

2. Reading: Start reading as many (good) books as you can get your hands on, but don’t just stop there. Take notes, actively seek out credible authors and books, and review/study what you have learned often. Here are some links to blogs I have written to expand upon this topic:

Here are a list of books I generally recommend for the beginner-

A Witch Alone by Marian Green
Ancient Ways by Pauline Campanelli
Dancing With the Sun by Yasmine Galenorn
The Witches God, and, the Witches Goddess by the Farrars
The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
The Practical Pagan by Eilers

3. Network/Forums: Get on some pagan forums and get involved in the discussion. There is much to be learned from those who are themselves learning as well as those who have been practicing for years. 
I, in all honesty, have probably learned more from just talking to like minded people about our beliefs than I have from any book.

4. Starting your Book of Shadows: After you have began studying and figuring out what works for you, you may want to start a book of shadows. I recommend putting your book of shadows in a three-ring binder or scrap book. This way, you can easily remove and move around pages. A lot of people prefer to hand write their BOS, but if you feel that typing and printing will work better for you, go for it. 

5. Exploring different cultures and religions- Much of the time, people read a book on “Wicca” and they decide that that is the path for them, dead stop. I strongly encourage study of other religions before you make a decision. There may be an even better path out there for you. 
6. Self-Dedicaton: After you have decided to completely dedicate yourself to the pagan path, you may wish to do a “Dedication Ritual”. You will most likely find many Dedication Rituals as you read through your books. Some books will call these bools “Self Initiation” though, and that is not correct. 


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