Books We Personally Recommend You Avoid

Too many of y’all are wasting your money on some terrible literature. I’m here to let you know this is totally not necessary (*clapping*). Here is a list of authors I personally recommend you stay the H-E-double hockey sticks away from:

1. Silver Ravenwolf: If you are still buying her books, I honestly feel bad for you. Use those books for kindling and empty your head of her fluffy nonsense. Need more of a reason? Google Silver Ravenwolf. I dare you. She has more anti-$ilver sites than a bird has feathers. 

2. Fiona Horne: mainly in it for the money. Even admitted to not being pagan. Fluffy fluffy fluff. 

3. Raven Grimassi: his historical accuracy is highly questionable. Let’s leave it at that.

4. Edain McCoy: “Witta?!” Bahahahah. She makes up A LOT of stuff and is rather fluffy as well.

5. The Frost’s: the information is terrible. Oh, did I mention they include sexual child abuse is some of their rituals?

6. Gerina Dunwich: while she isn’t a huge offender, her books are mostly fluff. There is much better out there.

7. DJ Conway: her books are mostly all the same information rehashed, and are full of inaccuracies. 

8. Ann Moura: again, just mostly fluff and filler pages. 

9. Sirona Knight: has plagiarized the work of many other authors, co-authors with DJ Conway (#7), says witches and druids are the same, and sticks her nose up at traditions. 

This last one is going to have some people not agreeing with me…

10. Raymond Buckland: 

Starting with the first chapter, I don’t like the tone of the book. He seems to almost be talking down to the reader, in my opinion. 

His history on the Salem Witch Trials are off. I’ll just leave it at that.

Where the hell are his sources? He has no citations, at all. 
His recommended reading list includes works by: Ann Moura, Fiona Horne, and Edain McCoy. 

That’s all folks. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. 


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