A Pagan's Basic Dictionary

Here are some terms you'll see commonly used here on WT. We'll add to it on occassion since I can't think of them all at this very moment. lol If you come across a word you aren't sure about, we'll be happy to add it to this list and/or explain it further.


Pagan: One that worships the gods of various ancient polytheistic cultures.

Witch: One that practices magick. Charms, candle magick, and circle casting are some examples.

Gnosis: Thoughts that are not supported by hard evidence that one believes through experience instead. Believing in ghosts because you've seen one is one example. Another would be making conclusions based on evidence, but the conclusion itself cannot be proven.

Reconstructionist (Recons): One that strives to revive ancient pagan practices, beliefs, and worldviews through archeological evidence and ancient literature. There are Reconstructionists for every ancient culture: Roman, Greek, Germanic, Celtic, Egyptian, etc. with more specific sects within: Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Frankish, etc (these examples are within the Germanic branch)

Neo-Pagans: Very unlike Recons in that they worship the gods in any way they see fit. They don't deal in evidence as strongly and tend to work through Gnosis rather than research.

Wiccan: An initiate of British Traditional Wicca.

Neo-Wiccan: One that uses outer court influences of Wicca to build a personal path. Often times they are also a Neo-Pagan. A better title for a Neo-Wiccan would be 'Dedicatory Religious Witch', 'Eclectic Pagan', or 'Eclectic Witch'.

Eclectic Pagan: A Neo-Pagan that takes practices and inspiration from multiple sources.

Eclectic Witch: A witch that practices many different forms of magick from different kinds of witchcraft.
Polytheist: One that believes in multiple deities.
Soft-Polytheist: Believes all deities are aspects of one great deity.
Hard-Polytheist: Believes all deities are individual entities.
Henotheist: Believes all gods of a particular group exist, but worship only a few (one, two or more) gods from that family.

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