Hey y'all, thought this would be a fun discussion to see how everyone was drawn to their path. 

I myself was very interested in (Egyptian) mythology ever since I was in fourth grade. In eighth grade, my cousin and I stumbled across the Witchcraft section of the library, and became very interested. Eventually, we lost interest, but around the summer before entering 10th grade, I once again stumbled across the Witchcraft section at the library. This time, I was hooked for good! Have been studying and learning ever since :)

So, what is your story? (sorry if mine seemed like a jumbled mess, it's three in the morning tee hee).

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I was born into it.

Both sides of the family were Pagan, going back several generations, but each side in different traditions. 

Fathers side worked with Black Sarah, and the Irish pantheon, being the traveling kind, as they were, coming from Celtic lands... 

while Mothers side were more into Greek/Roman/Egyptian path, coming as they did from Europe. 

Then I married into a family of Russian folks, with Spiritualists' beliefs, and they taught me a lot of the Eastern mysteries and showed me I had a talent for The Tarot and other skills.

In later life I met a lot of Druids, and got invited to tread their path along side of them.

I feel blessed for living such a charmed life!

I was raised a roman catholic in a small town.  I even served mass as a kid.  But I was also the little girl who climbed trees and took long walks in the woods behind our house.  I lived in front of an old cemetery and could see "things".  Growing up, I loved movies involving anything with magic and mystery.

Then I went to college and started to discover the world.  That's when I knew that the religion a was raised with did not truly connect with me.  I felt more connected with the energy of Nature around me than what was taught in the Bible.  That's when I started on my new path almost 14 years ago :)

I've always been drawn to things magical, mysterious, and different. One year for halloween in elementary, I was a gypsy. As a child, I used to think I could make the wind blow by focusing on the trees and wanting it to happen. I have always loved being outside. In high school, or maybe middle school, I saw the craft and became very interested in witchcraft, but did not pursue it. My uncle had a book about Wicca that I would browse through sometimes. I also loved to watch Charmed. After high school, I would often browse through the witchcraft section at the bookstore, and thought of buying some tarot cards. I kept pausing when I saw Green Witchcraft. I bought one book on the subject a few years ago, but then I hit a rough patch and could not really make time for reading. I bought the book by Ann Moura this past December and have been reading about Paganism since then on Wiccan Together and now here.

I don't fit in anywhere. I don't fit in in any christian circles, most people think i am too different. So i started to look through witchcraft. I have learned i am accepted and can get advice from people here. 

I am a individual but yet belong to somewhere. It feels amazing. I am interested in witchcraft, druidism, and such. How to speak to spirits and much more. 



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