I guess if you try hard enough you can invent an excuse that even you will believe. These are two of many of mine.  I have a pretty big house and it's rather expensive to keep warm in winter. Luckily it was built in 1800 and has a closed room plan. For the most part, I shut off the heat in most of the rooms we don't use often but after learning the hard way, you just can't huddle together in one room and be cozy on the bitter nights. Your pipes need heat too, as I discovered early one morning with a flooded basement. UGH. Well I try to live more sustainable then I once did and have installed solar on the roof and a vertical mill in the creak. The mill turned out to be a bust as the creak never ran swift enough and solar only covers about 80 percent of my electric. With gas bills over 600 a month, I found a guilt free way to burn wood in my fireplaces. I have one in the family room and one in my rit room. First, I began hiking local parks and even got permission from Fort DIx to collect wood from their property. I got the hubbies to drive the long way home from work to check the backroads for signs for free or cheap wood and I even resort to craigslist at times. It does not cover my entire cost for firewood by a long shot but it certainly makes a dent. Keep in mind too that foraged wood is often wet and needs at least two yrs season it. It has to be examined thoroughly for critters especially if its close to your house, barn or shed. Implementing all I listed above, I cut my winter heating costs in half.


I wrote this this blog after being asked by Strata in response to a die hard peta vegan type on WT. Most will have little to do with saving money in any other area except purchasing and raising meat. I hope some find it interesting if not helpful.


Leisha was kind enough to also share this link with me www.localharvest.com/csa We went in on 3 shares costing around 300 each as I'm feeding ten. (11 soon) The farm we went with mentioned that they were running out of shares quickly so if you're interested in locally sourced veggies (sometimes meat and dairy too) get a move on soon. With the shares we purchased and our own veggie and herb garden (and a little help from the friendly owners of www.azuregreen.net)we should have most of what we need to keep us healthy. We'll still have to frequent the farms and market for what we can't get there and of course to change things up a little.

It's never too late to learn some old school skills like canning, pickleing and freezing to keep costs down.

One day I was feeling down and my son said, "Mommy's food is best because she puts love in it. My primary hubbie (who is a chef) gave him a look and my son said, "And Daddy's food is best too because he puts Rock and Roll in it." Some days, spending 3-6 hrs in the kitchen to feed 10 people 3 healthy, well balanced and magical meals plus snacks and pet food can really feel like it's all not worth it but comments like that from kids of proper weight and eating habits in a country overwrought with obesity tell me my work is appreciated.

Are you bored of reading my stuff yet?

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Nope, not bored at all. I'm a bit behind on reading them but I'm enjoying them. I applaud your choices. If only more people would make the same ones this world would be a better place and the people on it would be healthier and live longer.



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