I want to share this link with all of you it is to a web site that I use A LOT the way the site works is you add a list of books, movies, CD's, or video games you have that you don't want anymore then you create a list of books you do want if someone as a book you want and you have a book they want you trade its as simple as that the only catch is that you have to mail the book to the recipient and pay for the postage yourself there is also a "swap fee" of .25 or .50 for each swap maxing out at a 5.00 monthly limit but even with all this you save lots of money buying used books and you don't have to worry about filling up the land fills with your old ones either since you know they went to someone that wants them. I hope you all find this as wonderful as I do myself.



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This is kind of like Goodreads.com only they only list books and the person getting the book pays the shipping. I'll have to go check this site out. Thanks for the post.



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