An exercise calling upon Archangel Michael.This technique involves a pillar of light,as I'm sure a lot of us already know,but it is always good to brush up on the exercise!This is much like the Middle Pillar of Qabalistic ceremonial magick,going around and through the body of the practitioner. It starts in the source of creation,visualized as some cosmic center,and descends down around you,through the ground,and anchors in the heart of the Earth.It blocks out any unwanted forces that are attacking you,consciously or unconsciously.Only things that " belong " to you remain in the pillar. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by other people and their feelings and psychic projections,create this pillar.If you still feel this way,then it is not other people you need to deal with,but your own emotions.

 Unlike the Qabalistic Middle Pillar,this beam can last indefinitely and it moves as you move.You don't have to do any heavy visualization or chanting. To activate it, simply say"Archangel Michael,give me a pillar of light to protect me from all harm."Then,feel the pillar descend around you. It might be very strong or very subtle,but it is there.It can last an hour or even a day,but needs to be renewed periodically. I use this technique in case of immediate protection,and use other psychic defense methods for continual protection.

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