Protective herbs and purifying incenses-each on its own is a powerful tool,but used in mixtures and consecration in magick circles-you can create powerful tools to protect yourself and to give to others. Once you understand the basics of this magick-you can use your own recipes

The first  herbal protection is protection potion.Not meant to be drunk-but annointed on the wrists.With a salt water base-it can be stored indefinately without spoiling.The following formula is one of many variations of protective potions:

2-4 cups spring water

2-4 tblsps sea salt

1-2 teasp frankincense

1-2 teasp myrrh

1 teasp vervain

1 teasp mandrake

1 teasp rowan berries

1 piece of onyx(or smoky quartz)

Cast a magick circle with all ingrediants-charge each herb and ask its protection as you stir-usually 9 times. After you've added all ingrediants-hold your hands over the water,focussing your intent on protection and say

"I charge this potion to protect the user from all harm,on any level,and ask that this be correct and for the highest good.So mote it Be"

Whoever is annointed will be protected.This spell lasts for 3-4 days.

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